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Light Leaks Adobe Lightroom Presets – $10

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By: Mr. Artur
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This set of 75 Lightroom presets contains both light leaks and flares. All you need to add some great effects to your photos and make them stand out. With this set you will get a great variety of effects and a myriad of different flare and light leak positions and intensity.
The included presets work with JPG as well as RAW images.

* Compatible with Lightroom 4-6 & CC Classic Versions
* Compatible with JPG and RAW Images
* Compatible with Mac & PC

File type – .lrtemplate
Light Leaks Adobe Lightroom Presets -  $10 - 10

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Light Leaks Adobe Lightroom Presets -  $10 - 5

Light Leaks Adobe Lightroom Presets -  $10 - 4

Light Leaks Adobe Lightroom Presets -  $10 - 3

Light Leaks Adobe Lightroom Presets -  $10 - 2

Light Leaks Adobe Lightroom Presets -  $10 - 1
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