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Isometric City Kit: 300+ top-quality vectors

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By: AlexZel
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Product Description:

300+ top-quality vectors divided in 21 different vector packs that will definitely be a great addition to your design library.

Very popular lately isometric style objects. Many different isometric objects such as city buildings, houses, streets and city avenues. All this can be used to design sites, as a background, various icons, and characters. Complicated by the construction and composition of the objects included in this project and make it easy to create a variety of creative plans.
Set of vector elements that may be needed creative designers.
– Scalable vector files suitable for print and web projects.
– All colors can be edited.
– You can simply edit colors in the supplied files.
– Set of vector elements includes various types, sizes and colors of the vector, raster objects.

You get a total of 891 different file formats, such as AI, EPS, JPG, PNG
Isometric City Kit: 300+ top-quality vectors - png;base64,iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAAAAEAAAABCAQAAAC1HAwCAAAAC0lEQVR42mNkYAAAAAYAAjCB0C8AAAAASUVORK5CYII=