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Colour Pencil Box Photoshop Styles

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All textures are unique and hand-drawn with real colour pencils.

Here’s what you get:

4 any color styles (overlay on any color layer)
6 black styles (three of them have custom color settings)
6 blue styles
6 brown styles
6 dark blue styles
6 green styles
6 lime styles
6 orange styles
6 pink
6 purple
6 yellow
10 paper styles for backgrounds
2 shady styles
63 pencil brushes
15 PNG pictures to complement the design (4 Pencil Chips, 7 Pencil Shavings, 4 Pencils)
This works in Photoshop Adobe Photoshop CS3 + as well as in Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Define a Colour Pencil Box Photoshop Styles deal?

Can a designer draw anything from a blank canvas? Typically, yes. Should he? It’s counterproductive, takes too much time. For this reason most of the designers make use of ready-made visual elements – mix these graphic components, adjust them and develop the design . Nobody is going to purchase all those elements separately, that is exactly why they are put together into graphic bundles and offered for sale as a single product.

How can you benefit from using Colour Pencil Box Photoshop Styles?

For a design job, you will need a bunch of components – a font, a number of illustrations or photos, some icons, et cetera. If you would want to purchase every one of them one at a time it will cost you lots of money! So, for this reason veteran graphic designers look for some graphic bundles to buy.

What sorts of Colour Pencil Box Photoshop Styles are available?

Due to the fact all the deals are different from one to another, each individual designer will find the needed collection for any unique venture. Exploring them you will find the selections including UI kits, illustration swatches, business cards, social media infographics, and much more. On MasterBundles , you can find in excess of 450 graphic bundle deals to select from.

Tips on how to save a lot more money on MasterBundles Colour Pencil Box Photoshop Styles?

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MasterBundles.com as an all-in-one solution

Whether you feel as if you’ve lost track of time while looking for various tools and components for your graphic design jobs, it is high time to explore MasterBundles.com. This is a marketplace offering the most popular tools (graphics, icons, fonts, presentations etc.) for designers, online marketers, and web developers at a reasonable cost for a very limited time. To not miss out on important information about the forthcoming promotions, we recommend reading our blog and subscribing to the email newsletter.