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70 Flying Fabric (Flying Dress) Overlays – $8

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regular price: $55 -85%
Want 5% additional discount?
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your price: $8 regular price: $55 -85%

Flying Fabric (Flying Dress) Overlays

Immerse yourself in a floaty interplay of fabrics. Whether majestically sliding down, swinging in the wind or wildly gyrating – these 70 billowing textures in PNG format will allow you to decorate your designs with artful vibes. You can quickly find what your image demands: choose between turbulence and harmony, clearly recognizable structures and swirling mists, or between luminosity and restrained tint. Whatever you decide on – you will receive high-resolution and first-class quality anyway!
We are pleased to offer you 70 textures with fabrics sorted by various colors. Flying and billowing overlays are compatible with most popular graphics programs, such as Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, etc. Click on the image and decide with which structure you want to transport particular emotion. For this purpose, you will find a wide variety of templates in each category ranging in their appearance from wild, chaotic and expressive to tender, discreet and streaming. Colorful flying and waving highlights are perfect addition to your designs!
Use this extensive selection of textures to enhance your designs with ornate fabrics in a variety of colors.

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♥ 70 PNG Photo Overlays with Transparent background (sizes are different, please see the preview no.4)

♥ Compatible with any software that allows you to work with layers ( Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, etc.)

♥ Note to the Lightroom users – please, make sure you have a plugin that allows you to work with layers https://www.on1.com/downloads/
Flying Fabric (Flying Dress) Overlays

Flying Fabric (Flying Dress) Overlays

What is design bundle?

Every pro designer, as a trained specialist, should be able to sketch any image from a blank canvas. Only it may well require a lot of time and will never deliver sufficient revenue for him. This is exactly why most of the graphic designers make use of pre-made visual elements – blend them, customize them and put together the design . It is actually silly to purchase all those parts individually, so that is precisely why they are combined into graphic deals and marketed as a singular solution.

The best ways to spend significantly less bucks on MasterBundles.com items?

Would you like a 5% additional price reduction on any package from MasterBundles.com? Well, it is not that hard. All you need to do is simply share the page with a bundle on social media (Facebook). When completed, the discount is going to be instantly added to your current cart.

How can you benefit from using packages?

For any single design job, you will require lots of elements – a few icons, a font, a handful of images, etc .. In case you would want to purchase every one of them one at a time it can cost you lots of money! So, that is why skilled designers usually go hunting for some graphic packages to buy.

Types of graphic bundles

Considering that each of the deals differ from one to another, almost every designer will find the required selection for a unique project. Browsing them you will find the selections including social media infographics, business cards, illustration swatches, UI kits, and much more. At MasterBundles marketplace, you’ll find over 450 graphic bundle deals available.

Any other bundle deals on MasterBundles.com?

Aside from graphic design bundle deals, you may find an unlimited number of other selections on MB. The deals of stock photos, icons, patterns, logo templates and textures are readily available . They deliver unlimited opportunities for the design of diverse projects. On top of that, you may find the entire offers of WP design templates, training and e-books, resume templates, presentations, and other elements.

What’s photo overlay packages? Flying Fabric (Flying Dress) Overlays

The graphic designers who like to use photos are going to be notably happy with the photo overlays deals. They incorporate sets of elements of design that can enhance and alter the photographs. This kind of graphical elements is frequently placed across the photographs to create some fresh and appealing look. MasterBundles has a significant set of packages, stuffed with photo overlay elements.

Meet MasterBundles.com!

MasterBundles is a marketplace that accumulates deals from over the internet and allows you to purchase the design components you’ll need in your design business for a lower price. Bundles this fabulous website carries are restricted in time, and that’s the reason why they are so low-cost. MasterBundles boasts a big blog with the interesting design news and features explained. Should you be hunting for a useful website packed with great deals – MasterBundles is just for you!

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