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60 Photo Overlays: Long Exposure Sky – $6

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Long Exposure Sky Photo Overlays

Awesome textures depicting endless scenic sky create serene atmosphere, immerse your photos and images in a spectacular play of light or add completely new motifs and structures. You have not used sky textures yet, have you? Or you are dissatisfied with the results so far or are looking for inspirational image ideas? Welcome to our video tutorial to develop the finest picture experiences!

You can use different texture variants in a targeted way and build them into your photos by means of popular graphics software. All you need is to refine the position of elements and change their orientation and size. Transformation and deformation are your best tools until one image fits perfectly to another. For a harmonious overall impression, you finally need to decide on some aspects, such as brightness, color or depth effect. Use these 60 awesome textures to create chiaroscuro, sparkling sunny effects, play of colors and cloudy mood.

Video Tutorial


60 Sky Overlays – JPG – 5000x3333px – 300 DPI

Easy to apply

Compatible with any software that allows you to work with layers ( Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, etc.)

Lightroom users – you need a plugin that allows you to work with layers
Photo Overlays

Photo Overlays

Photo Overlays

Photo Overlays

Photo Overlays

Photo Overlays

Define a graphic bundle deal?

Can an artist draw anything from the begining? Typically, yes. Should he or she? Only it may well require too much time and will never bring sufficient financial gain for him. This is exactly why many of the designers use pre-made visual components – incorporate these graphic components, modify them and construct the design . Noone is going to purchase all those elements one at a time, that’s the reason why they are put into graphic packages and sold as a singular solution.

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What kinds of graphic packages are there?

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Alternative Bundles of MasterBundles

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The watercolor package is found to be the prettiest novelty in design. Hand crafted by artists on the paper, the pictures become scanned and included in a package as templates for design projects. Watercolor components are great for wedding invitations, blogs and greeting cards. All of the pictures are HD and prepared for printing or use digitally.

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A different package additionally well suited for photo designers is part of photo deals. On MasterBundles you’ll discover plenty of goods for picture retouching. If you want photo overlays, Lightroom presets, PS actions, or other tools for working with photographs, you’ve come to the best place.

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