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50 Vintage T-shirt Designs ready to offer a new and original look – $30

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Rock the with 50 Vintage T Shirt Design Bundle. $30

Here is a brand new t shirt design bundle. Perfect for printing on t shirts, fold t shirts, hoodies and any other kind of apparel. Being 100% vector, these files and ready to be printed in various sizes of a final product. The set of these trendy vintage designs will make any apparel rock.
If your apparel seems to be quite dull this bundle is exactly what you need. In case you happen to be working in a creative print agency, you need it more than the rest of us 🙂 If you’re a print junkie, keen on custom t shirts, a hipster, or just want to stand out of the crowd, you need it. The t shirt design bundle is available for personal and commercial projects.

T Shirt Design Bundle Details

50 top-notch designs. 50 vintage and grunge designs ready to impress. Each print is highly-detailed, communicates its own bold style and is ready to be used.
100% vector. It means that the quality of a print will remain unchanged, no matter what resolution you choose.
100% matching colors. The colors on the final product will be the same as you see on the image. It’s possible due to minimum colors on prints and their placement on separate layers.
96% discount.
Say bye-bye to dull t shirts with these rocking prints. Try them to sell cool t shirts, or decorate your own.
Don’t hesitate, and get your copy of a t shirt design bundle at a hot price of $30.

Product Description

T-shirts are more than just some piece of clothing; they’re a way of expressing yourself and sometimes of standing out in the crowd.

There’s an entire industry based on creating such designs, but some of them lack creativity or simply look bad; not to mention the huge prices for a design.

That’s why we thought to bring you today a collection of 50 top-notch t-shirt designs! They are 100% vectors and ready for print. The number of colors is kept to a minimum and they come on separate layers.

Plus, the extended license allows you to use these resources in an unlimited number of personal or commercial projects.

And the best part is that exclusively on MasterBundles you can get them for just $30 instead of their usual value of $750!

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