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100 Oil Painting Backgrounds

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By: eldamar
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This is set of oil painting backgrounds and textures. You can use them for postcards, business cards, scrapbooking, backgrounds for the sites, etc.

100 High-Resolution Oil Painting Backgrounds.
Compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux.
High resolution ready to print 300DPI
Compatible with any software that allows you to work with PNG and JPEG files.

In general, textures are visual effects that create the illusion of a particular real-life material or surface. As an example, we see lots of craft paper and wood textures in various designs. Concrete, leather or rock ones are also widely used. Textures frequently consist of repeated images but they appear like they are unique and accidental. The application of textures is not tied to creating backgrounds, their qualities can be employed in any layout element. With the help of texture vectors, we can easily make an impression of certain natural qualities, create levels, and add accents.

What a 100 Oil Painting Backgrounds is?

The pattern can be described as visible composition you can observe everywhere you go and every day. Actually your house is made up of patterns, for instance, on the wall-paper that decorate the walls of your bedroom. The pattern is an element of the picture that is repeated on and on to create a larger, geometrical and symmetrical picture. The patterns could be man-made (such as ceramic floor tiles or pagodas in Thailand) and natural (such as sand hills and splits in the dried out land surface).

Both the patterns and textures are popular in pieces of art. Site designers love to rely on them given that patterns and textures are a great backdrop for a web page – they don’t divert the customer but highlight the subject matter of your webpage. It is too expensive to buy them one at a time, so frequently they are offered in bundles.

What’s a Product Bundle 100 Oil Painting Backgrounds?

A bundle is a set of graphics or other design elements that can be bought together. The best thing about these item package deals is their price range. A kit will cost you a lot less than every item if sold one at a time. Often, a kit will include what you need to complete a design project. These special deals are limited , so don’t miss your opportunity to get great design solutions and get a better price.

The reasons why the 100 Oil Painting Backgrounds quality is so important?

If you wish to get a awesome and attractive layout that can win over the viewer – never ever attempt to save money on tools and components. Quality textures or patterns will make just about any design excel, for that reason avoid unprofessional products. Inadequate color selection or low-res photos could easily ruin the look of your project. Some very nice patterns and textures will demonstrate just how much attention you spend on the details and add you lots of extra points.

What if I didn’t find the product I needed in the bundle?

It might happen that not every bundle contains items you want which is really common. Product bundles are developed for varied purposes and for a different style. Even so, MasterBundles site provides lots of deals for every occasion, so if a specific product bundle doesn’t include all the products and solutions you need – you should check the others. There’s so many of them, that it’s almost certain you will discover something appropriate.

Can I get any alternative bundles on MasterBundles?

Apart from font bundle deals, MasterBundles.com offers numerous great design bundles. Have a look at graphic bundles, icons, textures and patterns, website template bundles. There are also electronic books and training courses, stock photography, logos, illustrations and add-ons, mockups, and various categories. You’ll find thematic Christmas and Valentine’s day packages, postcards and presentations. And also, obviously, our absolute favorite under $5 deals!

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