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he Best Mega Graphics Bundle. 1000+ Premium Items Description

Hurry up to get the best mega graphics bundle that has more than a 1000 premium-quality items just for $49. Here you’ll find a bunch of multi-purpose items that will cover your design needs within multitudes of web and graphics design projects. All items included in the pack are 100% vector and they definitely look really cool.

Inside the download archive you will find:

  • 450 vector files. The full price is $1,800;
  • 8 illustrations packs. Its full price is around $240;
  • 50 sets with clipart, 650+ elements. The full price of this pack is $750.

The Best Mega Graphics Bundle Offers

  • floral elements;
  • bold badges;
  • hand-written and classic fonts;
  • frames;
  • a variety of stylish patterns and graphic elements.
  • All of these items are ready to be used in web and/or in printing, it means that you apply them to any design gig you have, like business cards, ads, invitations, banners, personal art, and create whatever you want.

    You can easily edit each item from this best mega graphics bundle in Adobe Illustrator. Change colors, fonts, transform elements, and get the desired look of your project. Save tons of cash with this mega graphics bundle, by spending $49 you will get a “box” full of premium design items. Extended license is another huge bonus.

    Product Description

    Get your hands on the Mega Graphics Bundle! It comes fully packed with premium resources that will provide your design with an unique feel. Not to mention that you will now be able to tackle different types of projects, because the illustrations and the kits included are web oriented.

    Valued at over $2,700, all these elements are brand new and carefully crafted. This collection brings you a wide variety of assets to play around with and mix and match them any way you like!

    Here’s what you get:

    • 450 premium vector illustrations, worth $1,800;
    • 8 illustration kits with all the web elements included, worth $240;
    • 50 vector clip art sets with 650+ elements, worth $750.

    Plus, the extended license allows you to use them in unlimited commercial purposes and even in merchandise, without any additional fees! And for a price of just $49, this bundle is definitely a must-have!

    The Best Mega Graphics Bundle Previews

    Attributes about school life and detailed illustrations for each subject.

    A large collection of illustrations about Halloween, real estate and the medical field.

    Huge set with infographics and Christmas illustration.

    Collection of illustrations for active pastime at school.

    Bright graphics suitable for posters.

    An illustration of food suitable for breakfast.

    Pastry shop graphics with all elements.

    Stylish and bright illustration, like from a modern cartoon, McDrive.

    Summer park with a sausage house.

    Detailed illustration of a street with a machine that sells ice cream.

    Morning routine in the pink bedroom.

    Caucasian cafe with a visitor and a waiter.

    Grocery department in a large supermarket.

    Attributes for summer vacations.

    Vegetables in a bright color, like from an expensive supermarket.

    Illustration to describe nature and outdoor adventure.

    Collection of graphics for the music industry.

    Attributes for a fun birthday celebration.

    Illustration for photographers.

    Graphics to illustrate the work of medical professionals.

    Attributes to describe summer barbecue evenings.

    Everything about the life of a plumber in one illustration.

    This illustration can be used in two cases - for neurosurgery and as an infographic.

    Summer grace with fresh fruits and vegetables.

    This is a large collection of illustrations on a variety of topics.

    Vintage illustrations with flowers and a little in an aristocratic style.

    Floral and berry illustrations.

    Graphics in different styles and for different purposes.

    Collection of graphics for different holidays.

    Here are all the fonts used in the collection.

    Various fonts for illustrations from this collection.

    Ornamental font for various collections.

    Vintage font for illustrations in collection.

    Terracotta font in classic style.
    53 Brand-New Vector Badges

    35 High-Quality Mock-UpsCraft logos in brown.

    Circular graphic logos.

    Gold logos with lots of ornaments.

    Black and white logos with classic font.

    This is a huge example of how illustrations and logos are used in real life.

    Video About The Best Mega Graphics Bundle

    Exactly what is graphic bundle?

    Can a designer sketch anything from scratch? Typically, yes. Should he or she? It can be unproductive, requires too much time. That is why many of the designers work with pre-made graphics elements – blend them, modify them and put together the design with their help. Nobody is going to buy these elements one at a time, that’s the reason why they are put together into graphic deals and marketed as a single solution.

    For what reason are graphic bundles highly profitable?

    The advantages of graphic deals for graphic designers are quite evident. However if you are a newcomer to those elements and now have concerns, the subsequent information will probably be of great help for you. Along with a great number of the components within a single package, the selection gives you a chance to use different of them for many different projects. On top of that, the price is usually greatly reduced which lets you stretch your budget, yet have the whole set valued for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

    What types of graphic packages are there?

    Given that all the deals differ from one to another, every graphic designer will discover the needed selection for a unique project. Exploring them you’ll find the collections including UI kits, illustration swatches, PPT templates, business cards, plus much more. On marketplace, you will find more than 450 graphic package deals to pick from.

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    Any other bundles on MasterBundles?

    Aside from graphic design packages, you’ll find a vast range of alternative deals on MB. The bundles of fonts, stock photos, icons, textures, patterns and logo templates are readily available . On top of that, you may find bundles of WP design templates, training and ebooks, resume templates, ppt slides, and other elements.

    Photo tools

    The creative designers who choose to utilize photos are going to be notably happy about the photo overlays packages. They consist of multiple design elements that could enhance and alter the photos. Such kind of elements is usually placed over the pics to create some new look. has a large variety of bundles, stuffed with photo overlay elements.

    Watercolor bundle

    The watercolor package deal is found to be the lovliest development in creative desgin. Painted by painters on the a piece of paper, the pictures become digitized and included in a bundle as design templates for projects. Watercolor components are ideal for wedding invitations, greeting cards, blogs, DIY and quotes.

    Instagram design templates

    In the online and digital age, we commit literally half of our everyday life within social platforms like Instagram. No matter what objective we try to achieve using this platform, we would like to get noticed in a giant crowd amidst thousands of identical accounts. Fortunately, with premium Instagram templates offered at MasterBundles, you don’t have to spend eternity while creating the outstanding look of your Instagram page. One of the packages will definitely help you highlight the artistic look of your Instagram profile.

    Infographics package deal

    Content on blogs which have infographics are much more legible and favored than those that don’t. For that reason, infographics are a fairly well known product each and every designer is required to be capable to build. A professional bundle for infographics is convenient given it provides a ready-made solution. The web designer only has to mix the pictures and voila! The infographic is all set.

    What on earth is MasterBundles?

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