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Vintage Logo Template Bundle. Hundreds of Best-Selling Resources for Just $35

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Date of Creation September 20 2016
Author DesignStudio
Category Logos
Price $35
4 (3 votes)
Item Was Purchased 9 peoples
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Looking for a high-quality vintage logo template, but can’t find the perfect one? Making the right choice with so many options available online can be tough. Still, MasterBundles offers you hundreds of best-selling resources for an extremely reasonable price!

4 Reasons to Invest in Vintage Logo Template Bundle

Vintage and nostalgia are trending in design, so purchasing the bundle of best-selling designs is a wise investment. Here’s what you get in the download package:

Super Premium Vintage Typography Set + Bonus: 88 versatile typographic elements in light and dark color schemes to use in online and print projects.

Super Premium Logo Builder:
17 logo categories (food & drinks, business, sports, music, etc.);
6 logo templates (retro, insignia, text layout, & simple logos) in each pack
5 to 10 extra elements to mix and match between the categories.

203 Super Premium Badges:
11 popular badge categories (food, drinks, coffee, organic, vintage badges, etc.)

240 Photoshop Styles with thousands of combinations for any type of design project.

All of these resources have an extended license, so you can use them in commercial projects without limit.

Opt for Vintage Logo Templates bundle to recreate nostalgic vibe in your designs!

203 Super Premium Badges divided in 11 of the most used categories around such as: clean and modern, coffee, drinks, food, organic, retro, vintage badges and more! You will also get 240 different Photoshop Styles that will give you thousands of different options to pick from!

As you’re already used to, all these resources come with an extended license, allowing you to use them in unlimited commercial purposes, and even in merchandise for mass distribution!

Take a look at that you get:











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If you’re a graphic designer focusing on several assignments concurrently, you comprehend the significance of the entire package of design elements available at hand. Hunting for them separately, you spend whole lot more money and time consequently. To obtain all of the essential components within a single package, we advocate trying graphic bundles. A bundle is actually a selection of digital design elements meant for graphic design, priced at thousands of dollars, however sold at a bargain price for a limited time.

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The benefits of graphic bundle deals for designers are usually quite obvious. But if you are new to them and now have doubts, the following information will be of great help for you. Including a great number of the components within a single bundle, the collection gives you a chance to use different of them for many different tasks. What’s more, the cost is usually greatly reduced which lets you save some cash, yet receive the whole set worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.

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If you need infographics for a upcoming presentation in any kind of industries from social networking and advertising and marketing to medicine and education, the bundle is just what you have been searching for. Using the infographics package deal you will find yourself saving your time which is essential in terms of productivity.

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The designers who choose to utilize photos are going to be especially happy with the photo overlays offers. The offers incorporate multiple elements of design intended to decorate and alter the photos. This type of visual elements is commonly placed over the photographs to produce some fresh and interesting look. features a significant collection of bundles, full of photo overlay items.

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What exactly is

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