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Distressed Fonts Description

Distressed Fonts. Can’t find any fantastic fonts on the web? Then, you’ve been searching in the wrong place! MasterBundles offers 14 Fantastic Fonts bundle for an extremely attractive price! Believe it or not, these exquisite typefaces will be a perfect fit for all kinds of design projects. Making a business card mockup or a website banner? No problem! There’s something for any taste and need in the download package. Just check it out!

Why Should Any Designer Invest in Fantastic Fonts?

When purchasing a bundle of fonts, think if they’re versatile enough to reuse it later on! Nobody wants to make a one-time investment into something they won’t be able to recycle in the next project. Luckily, this is not an issue with this fantastic fonts bundle! Not only you are getting $359-worth set of high-quality typefaces for an unbelievable price, but also can use them further on in all your projects.

In the package, you get 13 font families including 33 fonts:

  • Ambassador Plus (4 styles) is a stylish font one can use in publishing, advertising, and blogging.
  • Fram (2 styles) is an uppercase stencil typeface that will stand out on web banners and ads.
  • Britva looks like an imitation of a broken glass, so feel free to employ it when designing catchy headlines.
  • General (5 styles) is a font family including a set of modern, yet classic fonts. Use it in business and personal papers.
  • Hilton Sans & Hilton Serif will be a great fit for ads, magazines and newspapers, and generally can be used in electronic media.

Grab these Fantastic Fonts right now to create top-notch designs fast and easy!

Keep calm…and grab these fantastic fonts! They are the easiest way to add a fresh touch and a pinch of originality to your designs in no time.

  • Ambassador Plus (4 styles) $99;
  • Hilton Sans $39;
  • Hilton Serif $39;
  • Fram (2 styles) $44;
  • Britva $39;
  • General (5 styles) $99;
  • What Are Fonts and Why Are They Important?

    A font is a set of symbols of a particular size and design that shapes a single thematic and structural unit. The primary purpose of any font is to obtain the audience’s interest with its design and shade and make him review the written text. A well-crafted web font allows you to present not merely the words but also a particular vibe. Cool and uncommon fonts are more expressive and more noticeable, so each company attempts to regularly use its original one as an important component of their brand identity. The cost of tailor-made web fonts usually varies from $0 to $100 .
    Let’s take a closer look:

    Ambassador Plus

    Ambassador Plus is an elegant and luxury font. You can use these typefaces for magazines, cosmetics packaging, advertising and so on.
    Girl with short hair.
    Cover of a fashion magazine with a girl.
    It’s includes 4 styles (Ambassador Plus Sans Thin, Ambassador Plus Sans Light, Ambassador Plus Slab Thin, Ambassador Plus Slab Light).

    Price: $99.

    What Are Product Bundles and What Is The Pricing For Them?

    A web font package is simply a range of several two to fifteen fonts sold at more affordable price. One of the benefits of choosing sets is that they cost a little bit higher than one single font does, provided they are on discount.

    The average price of a web font kit on our site is only $2-20. But be quick: the life period of each bundle lasts only five days.

    Black and white picture as for the cover.

    A beautiful girl of Asian appearance.

    Blonde with long hair.


    Real Prise – $39
    Britva is imitated a broken glass, use it for eye-catching headlines.
    Britva logo.
    The font is stylishly placed on a red background.

    Two variants of the font on a red background - black and white.

    White font as a logo.

    General (5 styles)

    Real Price: $99.
    Pure geometry with a human touch is a recipe of this font family. Inspired by classical fonts from the early 20th century, General rides the line between traditional and modern styles.

    With its 5 light weights, the General family is a strong tool for a clean design.

    There exist 5 types of fonts. Serifs tend to be more typical, you can tell them by tiny lines attached to characters. Sans-Serif fonts are newer, and letters are lacking small lines on their ends. Slab-serifs feel blocky and chunky, they add more substance to the style and design. Script fonts look like hand-writing while having interweaved characters. Stencils are recognized by curved edges and thin strokes, use them to develop an artistic statement.
    Black background with bold yellow and thin white.

    Yellow background with thin, even text.

    Accent inscription on a yellow background.

    yellow background and black text.

    How Can Fonts Impact Impression of the Product or Company?

    The quality of typography determines the way in which users comprehend and understand written content. Fonts make it possible to grab attention and determine structure. They determine the mood and create brand attractiveness. Entrepreneurs are aware that typography can create or break virtually any graphic advert, business logo, or brand graphics. Whenever you uses sloppy or commonly used typography, users perceive the style and design as cheap and do not pay attention. If the font is challenging to read, the whole original venture fails to accomplish its goals.
    Yellow font combined with white.

    Lots of text and only one word highlighted.


    Real Price: $44

    Fram is an uppercase stencil typeface.

    Gray background and bright accent on the text.
    Light gray background with text.

    Light gray background with polish text.

    Light gray background with phrase.

    Light gray background with phrase in different colors.

    Light gray background with motivated phrase.

    I Have Not Found Any Worthy Fonts within This Bundle ?

    No worries ! presents hundreds of different bundle choices for numerous events and styles. Just look through our site and you’ll undoubtedly come across something to your preference and requirements.

    Big phrase.

    Any Alternative Bundles Do You Offer on present a lot of useful kits for web designers and deveopers along with web font bundles. Those can have an incredible impact on your productivity if you are a web designer or artist. Those are pre-made kits with high quality icons, vector illustrations, WP themes, and overall, graphic units with various solutions together. All those bundles are very affordable throughout the sales period, so it’s better if you keep an eye on those discounts and get it fast!
    Light gray background with motivated phrase in different colors.

    A phrase written in three colors in an incomprehensible language.

    A phrase written in different colors in an incomprehensible language.

    Hilton Sans

    Real Price – $39

    An imposing guy in a suit.

    Hilton Serif

    Real Price – $39

    Deep blue background.

    A fantastic woman in a dress.

    What is

    MasterBundles is the best place for purchasing web design solutions that will undoubtedly improve your work process in times. We offer excellent sales (up to 99 percent off) on all solutions and bundles simply because we want to make them affordable for every person regardless of their resources.

    However, hurry up, because the discounts on most sets last for less than 5 days. In case you don’t want to miss the offers, simply subscribe to newsletter and stay up-to-date with the most current arrivals and accessible coupon codes. To see the available coupons, visit this page.

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    14 Fantastic Fonts

    Can’t find any fantastic fonts on the web? Then, you’ve been searching in the wrong place! MasterBundles offers 14 Fantastic Fonts bundle for an extremely attractive price! Believe it or not, these exquisite typefaces will be a perfect fit for all kinds of design projects.

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