50 Corporate Identities with Extended License

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Need to extend your corporate identity into business cards, letterheads & more?

Make your brand identity professionally-designed & consistent with 50 Corporate Identities with Extended License.

What You Get:

  • 50 corporate branding identity templates
  • Easy to edit in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and/or InDesign (you will get different file formats)
  • Ready to print CMYK files at 300DPI
  • An extended license, giving you the chance to use these resources in an unlimited number of personal or commercial projects

Whenever a client needs a corporate identity to stand out from the crowd, you’ll have these 50 versatile templates to choose from with a tendency to match your brand needs.

These are easy to customize templates with a clean and modern look that gives you the power to create content more interesting and easy to read.

Present your personal or company brand in a clear and attractive manner to your audience.

Download 50 Corporate Identities with Extended License Bundle At A Deal Price Of $2785 $19 Only!

Take A Closer Look At The 50-in-1 Corporate Identity Templates Bundle:

50 Corporate Identities with Extended License
50 Corporate Identities with Extended License
50 Corporate Identities with Extended License
50 Corporate Identities with Extended License
50 Corporate Identities with Extended License
50 Corporate Identities with Extended License
50 Corporate Identities with Extended License
50 Corporate Identities with Extended License
50 Corporate Identities with Extended License
50 Corporate Identities with Extended License

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