Best 10 Pink PowerPoint Templates Example.

15+ Best Pink PowerPoint Templates in 2021: Free and Premium

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October 29, 2021 March 17, 2022 4 min
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Pink PowerPoint Templates. Why to use pink powerpoint templates? Well, the main reason is that they are amazing. Seriously, just look at them: they are plain and neat yet colorful and stunning. Also, they are suitable for a wide range of purposes: from entertainment to education or business.

Pink is considered to be a joyful, creative, vibrant, and refreshing color. Therefore, by applying pink powerpoint templates you bring all those features to the slides you present. Of course, many may say that “pink is for girls”, but there is no need to worry about it being too feminine, since in today’s world entire palette of colors is unisex.

Top 5 Pink PowerPoint Templates

Product Image & Rating (Out Of 10)Product NamePrice
Pitch Deck Powerpoint Presentation
50 Slides Teacher Presentation Template 2021
Infographic Powerpoint Presentation
50 Slides Charity Presentation Template 2021
Pitch Deck & Presentation Animated Smooth Template

Best Premium Pink PowerPoint Templates

Pink – Minimal & Creative PowerPoint Template

Delicate template in soft pink color.

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Virtual Classroom Meetings

Matte pink and subtle typography created a fun, slightly cheeky vibe.

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Miracle PowerPoint Template

Stylish template with multiple colors.

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Memphis Marketing Plan

A fun spring template with several vibrant color schemes.

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Bienca – Fashion Photography Powerpoint Template

Stylish template with pink accents. A great option for a clothing store.

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Emotional Intelligence Subject for Pre-K: Self-Regulation

Pink pattern with exotic animals.

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Pstl Pink – Multipurpose Presentation Template

Creative pink with bright elements.

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Hexanos PowerPoint Template

Bright pink pattern with diamond-shaped details.

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Abstract CV

Classic pink pattern with lianas and soft lines.

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Best Free Pink PowerPoint Templates

Mountain Backgrounds

A pink sunset somewhere in the mountains.

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Beautiful Pink Patterns

Light pink pattern with uneven stripes.

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Felicia, marketing presentation template

Comic style template.

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Pretty Hearts Pitch Deck

This is a very romantic template for real love stories.

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Watercolor Waves PowerPoint Template

Watercolor lilac color with gradient.

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Interface Bonitinha para Centro de Saúde

Pink flows smoothly into lilac.

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L’éthique du travail dans les petites entreprises – Soutenance de thèse

Stylish template made in two colors - pink and black.

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Erin Free Project Proposal Template

A peach colored template will look great with a girly theme.

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Cool Doody Thesis

Light pattern with drawn elements.

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