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10+ Best Oil Paint Texture Backgrounds in 2021: Free and Premium

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August 9, 2021 March 12, 2022 5 min
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Oil Paint Texture. Oil paint textures are what really fascinate. Looking at them as if you are plunging into another world, a world that has no boundaries, rules and certainty. You can find anything here. Each texture is full of its own colors, its own mood, and each is not similar to each other.

Only in textures like oil paints will you find incongruous colors that look attractive. It is a festival of colors. But be careful, the textures with oil paints attract too much attention, they cannot be overlooked.

There are no boundaries for a creative designer, just like for oil paint texture backgrounds. If you try them, you will definitely not remain indifferent. Our selection of free and premium oil paint textures will help you find the one that will win not only your heart but also become a real burst of emotions for your project.

Best Premium Oil Paint Texture

Oil Paint Brush Stroke Texture

Large strokes of gray and a couple of lemon for accent.

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Abstract Oil Paint Texture

A beautiful canvas with mixed blues, pastels and whites.

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Red Watercolor Texture

This emotion texture is framed in pink.

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Old Stained Acrylic Texture

This is a style and a play of colors. Deep blue with green and yellow gaps.

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Black Oil Paint Strokes Textured

Black large brush strokes with accent gray.

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Mixed Technics Expression Abstract Painting

It's a Spanish texture with passionate flamenco and risky bullfighting.

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Abstract Texture of Oil Painting

A mixture of a blue lagoon with a purple wave.

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Best Free Oil Paint Texture

Blue Oil Paint Strokes Textured

This texture is about the struggle of waves in the ocean.

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Pink and Purple

Black background with delicate purple lines.

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Vibrant Neon Blue Liquid

This texture can be called mood. You can see how the black bad mood covers the sunny and joyful one.

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Yellow and Black

Against a black background, yellow color diffuses thickly and softly, creating a brown tint.

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Blue Marble Swirl Background Abstract Flowing Texture

This blue background looks like bacteria under a microscope.

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Brown and Black

These are two shores on which an avalanche has spilled.

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