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15+ Best Monospace Fonts for 2021: Free and Premium

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July 26, 2021 February 28, 2022 8 min
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Monospace Fonts. Monospaced fonts appeared with typewriters—the same type-size pad saved production costs. However, it was not very good for readability of texts. The human eye is more accustomed to proportional letters. Monospaced typefaces were invented for purely technical reasons and they go against all previous typographic traditions. In the early days of computers many machines also supported only monospaced scripts. This is why these fonts are still associated with things more technical and old or retro.

Today, it is more common to see such scripts in software source editors. The reason for using these typefaces in code is not because proportional typefaces are not available in the program. The code is usually read selectively rather than sequentially like text in a book. It is often necessary to quickly find a function or a missing character among a pile of letters. This is how monospaced fonts help the reader in programming—it is easier to find the required part in an aligned text.

Notably, monospaced scripts can be used not only in technical directions, but also for some interesting kinds of design. It is possible to make awesome websites, banners, ads, billboards, or even logos using such lettering that look quite unusual and attractive.

MasterBundles has prepared a carefully selected collection of the best monospace fonts. So, enjoy and apply them in your projects and make them fantastic.

Top Title Fonts

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Mega Bundle Fonts

Best Premium Monospace Fonts

Monospace Font

Bold blue font with dark edges.

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Ellograph CF Charming Monospace Font

This is a friendly monospaced typeface with a soft, rounded construction and striking cursive italics.

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Monospace 821 Font

Smooth robotic font.

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Base Monospace Font

The font looks like a criminal search banner from a detective movie.

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Mononten Monospaced Font

Typewriter font. Looks rare and stylish.

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Monomod Font

This is simple modular monospace font.

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Helvetica Monospaced Font

The most versatile, stylish, interactive font that exists in two colors at the same time.

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Nicolallte Monospace Font

A trendy font with a touch of urbanism and minimalism.

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Mega Bundle Fonts

A large collection of fonts in which you can choose a font for any purpose.

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Best Free Monospace Fonts

ElroNet Monospace Font

Typeface to get your message across.

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NK57 Monospace Font Family

The font came out of the most modern typewriter for you to use in your project.

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Monospace Font Family

A thin font that comes in several styles.

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Monospace Font

Creative typeface with multiple implementations.

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Silka Mono Font

This is sans serif collection font created by atipo with natural movement make looks elegant, classy and beauty for your project.

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Anonymous Monospace Font

Bold in white and black for general use.

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Sudo Monospace Font

Interesting font with smooth, soft edges.

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Narita Free Monospace

Font for anime and modern cartoons for adults.

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AzarMehr Monospaced Font Duo

This is a classic, elegant typeface with seamless sans and slab serif family of fonts for Arabic and Latin.

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Ubuntu Font Family

Classic sans serif typeface and ornaments. It has simple and versatile styles in its arsenal.

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