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15+ Best Modern Fonts for 2021: Free and Premium Fonts

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July 23, 2021 February 27, 2022 9 min
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Modern Fonts. Do you know what a font is? What is its role and how does it affect a person? Most people think that this component is not worth paying much attention to and try to focus more on the project design, adding bright details and presenting it in a special way. But what’s the sense in it if the main tool for any print and digital project is the font? It can fundamentally change your message. For example, you create a website for entertainment activities and fill it with a simple font that everyone uses in their presentations and scientific works. Is that cool? No, it’s actually quite boring. No one is arguing that a simple typeface should be included, but not everywhere. Headings, catchphrases, and slogans should be highlighted and this emphasis can easily be done with modern fonts.

We know that selecting the right typeface is a time-consuming process. You can find a huge number of scripts online in a variety of styles, but a haphazard search can take days. If you’re looking for a great and stylish font, take a look at this awesome selection.

It is full of elegant, stylish, and flexible fonts. It’s perfect for all kinds of stylish and trendy design projects, from websites to printed materials. The special thing about modern trends is that they are wide, flexible, and don’t have any strict boundaries. And in typography, they come together. So, if you apply any technique to a logo, promotional product, or packaging design, you don’t have to worry that it will be irrelevant in a year’s time. Check out our fresh collection and make use of the best modern fonts by MasterBundles.

Top Modern Fonts

Product Image & Rating (Out Of 10)Product NamePrice
Marcellines Modern Calligraphy Font
Catrina Modern Script Font

Best Premium Modern Fonts

Sans Serif Modern Font

Delicate creamy font with the scent of freshly cut grass.

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The Modern Font Bundle

There are ten super unique fonts that are guaranteed to stand out while keeping those modern chic vibes.

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Marcellines Modern Calligraphy Font

Lounge font with smooth blue letters.

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Kiona Modern Font

This is simple but significant, and defined by its crisp edges and modern touches.

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Agreable Modern Script Font

Desert font and spaciousness. It looks like an Arabian night.

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Moderna Font

Interesting, stylish font in different styles.

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Modeka Modern Font

This font is reminiscent of the times of the Vikings - clear lines, uncompromising and cleanliness.

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Hillton Modern Font

Hillton is a classy, elegant and super stylish modern script font perfectly suited for many projects.

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Catrina Modern Script Font

This is the font for female serials and melodramas.

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Best Free Modern Fonts

Top Modern Font

Black and white font with a stylish magazine effect.

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Modern Typewriter Font

Vintage font with a typewriter effect.

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MuseoModerno Font

Soft and wave-like font.

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Modern Iaconic Font

This is a ”tech manual” style, display-friendly version of the ancient Transformers.

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Modern Typography NF Font

A creative font that needs a product to match.

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Coastine Chic Modern Font

It is the perfect font for trendy themes, stylish reviews, and art themed.

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Bernier Modern Font

A vintage typeface that will look cool on textiles and glass.

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Darker Grotesque Font

Contemporary grotesque inspired by the post-modern and brutalist designs.

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Glamor Free Chic Modern Font

This font can be used to sign estates in Britain. It is elegant and aristocratic.

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Me Hello Mellow Modern Font

Using has a well balanced semi-condensed form and attention to detail.

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