10+ Best Modern Bold Fonts for 2021: Free and Premium Options

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Modern Bold Fonts.The use of bold fonts is determined by the necessity to establish priority, make emphasis, and give the right hints to the audience. Being efficient attention grabbers, they are widely used for creating posters, brochures, newspapers, and web layouts. The modern variations of bold fonts go even further. By giving a futuristic vibe to the content, they make your message more powerful and memorable.

Please also consider that using modern bold fonts too much can be as bad as not using them at all. A few, well-placed bold fonts are useful, while a bunch of them can be frustrating and irritating. It’s better to apply a few options using the correct color, size, as well as image to engage your audience at first sight.

Finding the right modern font is not as simple as one may assume. Where should you search for it? How should you choose it? Let’s take a look at some free and premium options that will surely make an impact on your design project.

Best Premium Modern Bold Fonts

Haglos – Bold Script Font

Cool vintage font for ads.

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Rusted Bevel Font

Font in Texas style.

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Scarllet Serif Font

Discreet elegant font.

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Prime – Modern Bold Sans Serif Font

A modern font with creative details.

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Kohmar Font

Font in the style of Tarantino movies.

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Bold & Modern Display Font

A cool modern font that will look great on teasers.

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Best Free Modern Bold Fonts

Quigley Wiggly Font

Curled romantic font.

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Chocolate Dealer Font

Such a sweet font in brown glossy color.

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Autumn in November Font

This font is worthy for a love note on a cold evening.

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Komoda Font

Thin and even font. It is classic and strict.

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Free Fat Font

It is a font for energy drinks and racing.

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TypoGraphica Font

Bold font for any purposes.

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