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10 Best Mid Century Modern Pattern Images for 2021: Free and Premium

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By: Liza Koenhoven June 18, 2021 6 minutes

Mid Century Modern Pattern. The mid-20th century and the decades following it became major milestones in the design world. The mid-century style impressed primarily due to clear lines, organic forms, and streamlined design without additional decorations.

This is a time of bold experiments and new forms. The unusual shape in this theme is the fad of the style from that period.

Just as the mid-century modernist style was characterized by clean lines as well as delicate organic curves and geometric shapes, so are these patterns. Functionality has replaced ornate ornaments- and the form must match the function. Early contemporary designers used materials and colors that were particularly recognizable within the period.

The designs of the mid-century period owe its cheerful and life-affirming colors to the time of hope, with which the post-war period was associated, when humanity believed in its heyday and liberation from all the bad things that remained in the past.

The challenge for designers is to recreate what was once popular in history. Undoubtedly, there must be a spirit of modernity in this, and then your creation will not fail to impress the masses.

We present to you a collection of the most versatile modern mid-century patterns that you can use in your design ideas. Ready to go back in time and stir up history?

Best Premium Mid Century Modern Pattern Images

8 Seamless Mid-Century Modern Patterns

Painterly abstraction with geometric elements.

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Mod Mid-Century

It looks like a bright kaleidoscope.

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Mid-Century Modern Pattern Collection Watercolor

Brown watercolor art.

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Mid-Century Modern & Boho Set

It's like Picasso's masterpieces - subtle and graceful.

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Mid-Century Modern SVG

Round and triangular shapes filled the space perfectly.

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Best free Mid-Century Modern Pattern Images

Seamless Retro Pattern in Mid-Century Modern Style

Small multi-colored leaves.

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Seamless Mid-Century Modern Vector Pattern

Oval shapes in multiple colors are like modern art.

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Mid-Century Vector Art

Abstraction at its best.

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Free Mid-Century Vector

Small blots, circles and squares created a mesmerizing mix.

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Free Mid-Century Pattern

Rectangles and squares in olive and brown colors.

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