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10+ Best Metal Band Fonts in 2021: Free and Premium

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August 9, 2021 March 12, 2022 7 min
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Metal Band Fonts. The development of digital technologies is huge these days and it influences everything. It plays an essential role for designers too: there is a necessity to constantly update one’s knowledge and skills. Moreover, one needs to keep up with the latest trends to achieve successful branding.

In order to stand out, designers often resort to the help of fonts. And among fonts, tendencies are such that you might not do without sharp and brutal ones. Metal band fonts are excessively popular. They are used for creating logos, social media pages, or even postcards.

Be as it might be, you need to keep in mind that they may not fit everywhere. Metal band fonts express confidence and creativity and should be used to magnify those features of the company or brand.

Top 5 Metal Band Fonts

Product Image & Rating (Out Of 10)Product NamePrice
Creepy Girl Font Wax Moon
Steampunk Alphabet Font
Main Stage Vintage Look Typeface
Playful Fonts – Exclusive Font Bundle
Bones Font: Bones Halloween Typeface

Best Premium Metal Band Fonts

King of Rock Heavy Metal Font

This is a decorative, heavy metal and punk rock music inspired modern typeface.

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Kosan Murah – Horror Font

This is display font with horror and scary style.

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Candelabra Font + Extras

This is a medieval and fantasy inspired blackletter font.

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Metal Cry Font

Metal Cry is a font family that was inspired by countless hours spent playing video games, watching old movies or reading comic books.

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Big Fish DD – Rock Metal Font

This is a decorative, metal and punk rock music inspired font.

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Jacmax – Horror Font

Jacmax is display font with horror and scary style.

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Metal Core Font

Metal Core is a set of strong and nervous fonts and perfect for lettering on vintage music (and not only for these) style labels, posters, t-shirts, logo etc.

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Rock style font in red.

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Brass Heart Font

This font is the best decision for steampunk design.

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Best Free Metal Band Fonts

Posyden Font

Gothic font in ornaments.

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Metal Macabre Font

Gothic style font for real rockers.

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Blackmetal Font

A “heavy” font inspired by metal music and metal bands.

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Bad Boys Font

A narrow font with curled ends.

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Metal Mania Font

Tousled font in white.

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Metal Lord Font

Creative font with letters in different geometric shapes.

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Barbarian Font

Font with illustrations.

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New Rocker Font

NewRocker is a loud, harsh, screaming font.

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Metal Block Ultra Font

A bit of a shabby typeface with an underlay for each letter.

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