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It’s proven that restaurants that invest financial resources in creating eye-catching menus are more profitable from the first days of their opening than their counterparts who ignore these recommendations. Printable templates for menus keep customers coming back again and again to try all the cuisine offered. In this case, the actual design of the menu is a science, so you need to treat this issue very carefully to get it right.

What should you do if you do not have the skills to create a menu design and no money for a professional designer? Use services with ready-made Google Docs menu templates. This is a great solution for new restaurants, coffee shops, and sushi bars. They give you the opportunity to choose one of the thousands of templates and edit it in a virtual constructor for almost no cost. In some cases, you can even download your favorite template in PSD format and edit it later in Photoshop.

We have created a collection of 10 beautiful restaurant menu templates in Google Docs that you can use for any purpose.

What Is a Menu Template?

A Menu Template is a ready-made document created by a designer. It usually contains pre-made customizable details (such as color scheme, a few fonts, and text blocks). It can contain different numbers of sheets, column-divisions, and blocks. Do everything you need to do with such a template including customize it according to your taste and the theme of your restaurant or cafe.

Why Use a Menu Template In Google Docs?

The first and most important reason to use a menu template is that it is extremely convenient. You may edit the template from Google Docs in real-time, from any device, and with any number of colleagues. Several people can easily make changes and add comments to the menu simultaneously, without interrupting each other.

How to Create a Professional Looking Menu in Microsoft Word & Google Docs

First of all, it is necessary to choose the right menu template for your business. It should be comprehensible, beautiful, readable, and clearly divided into categories of food and drinks.

Change the Color Scheme

Make sure you pay attention to the color scheme. It is desirable that in the design of the menu the same colors are used that coordinate with the interior of the restaurant. Drawings will not be superfluous, and their genre will depend on the concept of the restaurant. Some experts advise making the menu multicolor. This kind of template is suitable for restaurants and cafes with a “fun” design. Think about how visitors to a restaurant whose interior is designed in a strict and luxurious style would react to such a casual menu? Be sure to match the style with your customer demographic.

We advise you to choose 2 or 3 main colors that match each other and adjust the hues. Or you can make the menu in monochrome design (using only 2 basic colors – one for the background and one for the fonts). If you still have some difficulties with the color scheme, use the rules of the color wheel.

Menu with good design and bad design.

Image by MasterBundles

Add Your Menu Items

A menu is a kind of advertisement for a restaurant or cafe. It would be amazing if you can do it in the form of a multi-page book with pictures and illustrations of various dishes. Statistics show that visitors most often order those dishes that are advertised with a photo. Be sure you choose the same font for titles and descriptions of dishes.

Menu with good photos and attention signs.

Image by MasterBundles

The text in the menu should be concise, but at the same time make the visitor buy one dish or another. Pay special attention to the wine list and desserts.

Change Font Sizes

A significant part of the design is the font. It should be readable and match the overall style of the restaurant. It is desirable to use simple sans serif fonts. Choose 2 or 3 basic fonts. If you choose too many different fonts, the menu will look absurd. On the contrary, if you use only one font, it will be difficult to put emphasis on certain information.

Menu with good fonts and non-readable black menu.

Image by MasterBundles

You can choose fancy and handwritten font styles if this suits the restaurant theme. However, in this case, you should also think about the readability of the text.

Bold fonts, spacing, and other highlights should be in harmony with the rest of the text and not spoil the overall look.

Add Social Media Icons

Social media has become a very important instrument for promoting your business. So you can’t neglect such a useful tool when making a menu. Add Social Media Links to the special block in the menu, and make it bold for the visitors to notice and follow your place on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. In addition, you can add QR codes that people can scan and go directly to your social media pages.

Yellow accurate menu and white contrast menu.

Image by MasterBundles

Double Check Your Menu

It is an important document and one of the many faces of your restaurant. Don’t be lazy about checking everything twice or even more. Give it to your colleagues to read it with a fresh glance to find any errors if there are any.

Menu with dishes and grey not readable menu.

Image by MasterBundles

Include Item Prices

When planning the menu, you must understand what kind of people will come to your place. On this basis, you need to build a general pricing policy for the restaurant. Do not rush to include dishes with cooking processes you do not know. Take into account supply disruptions, seasonality, and rising prices. Staff service errors can also result in your menu not working as you intended, so be sure to rule them out in the first place. You should always guarantee excellent food quality and accurate timing. Don’t forget that all efforts will be in vain if your staff can’t sell culinary masterpieces. Constantly test new layout models.

Elegant pink-white menu and menu with very much lines.

Image by MasterBundles

Don’t neglect the simplest advice: look at your competitors’ designs. Does it fit in with the general concept of the place and what visitors order more often? Don’t be afraid to borrow successful models, but the idea of blatant copying, of course, is not worth it. Correctly compiling a menu for a cafe or restaurant can only be done after an analysis of the market and accurate calculations of costs.

5 Benefits of Using the Best MS Word & Google Docs Presentation Templates With Pro Designs In 2022

We are all familiar with the functionality of MS Word, but let’s take a closer look at its alternative – Google Docs. Is this alternative just as worthy?

Always Saved

What’s nice for you is that you do not need to remember to save files in Google Docs. They will be automatically saved after you enter each character. This means that if you have a power outage or your computer hangs up, all your work will be saved.

Simple and Easy To Work With

The functionality of Google Docs is very similar to the familiar MS Word, so you can easily adapt to it.

Version History

All changes to the Google Docs menu template are saved, and you can go back to any step. This allows you to stop worrying about the safety of your masterpieces. To open the history of changes to your document, go to File > Version History > View Version History.

Access Settings

The Google Docs cloud service makes collaborative work on documents much easier. Now there is no need to exchange copies, versions, and so on with your colleagues. All you have to do is send them a link to your file with certain access rights, and everyone will work in one document simultaneously and see the live changes online.

In order to make the link accessible for your document, you need to click “Access settings” and copy the link.

Built-in Services

Google Docs has services that make working with texts easier. You can find them in the Tools menu.

Best Premium Menu Templates Google Docs and MS Word

Restaurant Menu Template

This is an editable template so you can use it again and again as your Food Menu change.

button for more details.

This is the perfect variant we had talked about earlier. You can add tasty pictures of every dish to attract your visitors to try delicious dishes.

Flora’s Catering Menu Restaurant

A minimalistic template with several images.

button for more details.

This blank menu template looks simple, chic, and minimalistic. It will perfectly suit a small cozy cafe. All elements are fully editable right there, in Canva.

Restaurant Menu

Swamp color pattern with black backing.

button for more details.

Such an elegant template as this will look new and modern. It is made in monochrome black and white style and doesn’t interrupt the visitor from making the best meal choice.

Simple Black And White Menu Card Template

Sophisticated black and white menu card template with tiny leaves.

button for more details.

Another minimalistic option for your cozy but elegant restaurant or chic cafe. You can customize all the elements according to your needs.

Restaurant Menu with Pictures

This minimal letter sized single-sided menu is perfect for your eatery.

button for more details.

Cute and easy to edit, this is the ideal template for a fast-food restaurant menu or cafe. It looks simple but will be very useful to your visitors.

Restaurant Menu Template

Classic food menu is perfect for your restaurant promotion or coffee shop, cafe and many more.

button for more details.

This is a one-page restaurant menu template that boasts 2 color variations that will definitely suit you if you were looking for something convenient and modern-looking.

Modern Ice Cream Menu Template

Turquoise summer menu with bright blinking.

button for more details.

Colorful and cute dinner menu template for a family cafe or restaurant. It will draw the attention of the youngest visitors, no doubt.

Restaurant Menu

Clean elegant menus with cup of coffee.

button for more details.

This simple menu template is compatible with Word, so you can easily edit it on your computer with Windows.

Modern restaurant menu template

White menu with black fonts. Elegant and strict.

button for more details.

Such an elegant blank menu template can be edited both in Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign and comes in A4 size and US letter size. All you need to do is to add the names of your dishes and their prices.

Best Free Menu Templates Google Docs and MS Word

Restaurant Menu Design – Free Google Docs

Blue menu in a laconic style with the image of food.

button for more details.

Easy to customize and edit, this free printable menu template will help you create a great menu for your lovely dining place.

The GreenHouse Menu Free

Fresh menu with a leafy background.

button for more details.

Minimalistic and pleasant free simple restaurant menu template for places with a soft-and-cozy atmosphere.

Fish Restaurant Menu – free Google Docs Template

Black matte menu with salmon.

button for more details.

If your restaurant specializes in seafood meals and starters, then this template will help you create your perfect menu.

Traditional Indian Restaurant Menu

Green big asian menu.

button for more details.

This sophisticated traditional-cuisine menu template was designed for those who want to show the luxury of their restaurant and make their visitors feel special.

Simple Modern Menu

Simple, strict, modern menu with blue font.

button for more details.

This simple yet stylish Microsoft Word menu template will perfectly suit special occasions of any type.

Organic Menu Template

Menu in minimalistic design with beige cover.

button for more details.

Here is another minimalistic menu template that will definitely underline the coziness of your dining place.

The right design is very important. You can tell right away when the customer doesn’t understand where to look with his confused eyes. At best he will ask the waiter about the menu options; at worst he will leave. So don’t treat the menu as an unnecessary cost or a plain piece of paper that has no value.


Can I Format My Menu’s Text?

Sure, almost all the menu templates, free and premium, allow you to format the text. You may set the size, boldness, and location of your text.

Should I Use Microsoft Word or Google Docs for My Menu?

You may choose any editor. Almost all the menu templates made in Word may be edited on both platforms.

What Should Be in a Menu?

The main information you should include in the menu are the names of the meals, serving size (weight), and prices. You can also add social media links and contact details of your restaurant (especially if you have a delivery function).

Can I Make Customizations to My Document Template?

Yes, you can customize the templates easily.

How Do I Add Background Images to My Word Documents?

Launch Word and choose Page Layout from the menu. In the Page Background section, click Page Color > Fill Options. In the dialog box, select Image. Then add the image you want and click OK.

How can I improve an already-existing menu through the use of templates?

You can copy the information from the already-existing menu to a new template that you like. Or you may find some inspiration when looking through the different menu templates and try adding some new details to your existing menu.

What is the main motivation for me to use the templates?

First, the templates are the most convenient and fastest way to create an outstanding menu for your restaurant or cafe. Secondly, you don’t need to pay a designer to create a unique menu, and it will be much cheaper πŸ˜‰

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