15+ Best Fonts for Subtitles in 2021: Free and Premium Fonts

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Fonts for Subtitles. Many people, if not all, like to spend their free time watching movies and videos. Sometimes, you are not able to listen to the dialog while watching it, especially if at work or outside in a crowded place. On such occasions, the next best thing we can do is to read the subtitles. Under these conditions, we need a subtitle font that is clearly visible and easily readable. If you search the Internet, you will find that there are millions of typeface styles for this purpose.

So, which script do you choose and how do you distinguish the best one from the others? Well, for that, take a look at the best font styles listed below. These were chosen as the best after carefully studying feedback from users all over the world.

We have prepared the perfect fonts with all the criteria in mind. First, clarity and positioning are what will make subtitles easier for you to read. An important aspect to consider is whether a particular typeface is available or supported by a wide range of devices.

You might want to watch the video on your system, player, smartphone, or other devices, right? So, compatibility is important and that’s something we have considered too when picking such fonts. If you are ready to create easy to read text, then enjoy this MasterBundles selection of the best fonts for subtitles.

Best Premium Fonts for Subtitles

Arial Rounded Font Regular Style

Soft smooth black font.

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Greycliff CF Geometric Sans Font

At first glance, the font is simple, but modern and stylish and adds street style to the design.

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Times New Roman Font for Subtitle

Font in the style of the New York Times.

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Cinecav X Font

Thin font with wide sweep.

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Maxwell Sans Small Caps Book

A detective font for searching especially dangerous ones.

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Robeton Font for Subtitle

Yellow font with smooth edges and lines.

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Verdana Pro Font for Subtitle

A modern font that you can add color elements to.

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TA Modern Times New

A trendy font that is perfect for a magazine format.

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Best Free Fonts for Subtitles

Arial Narrow Font for Subtitles

An interesting font in which only the edges of the letters are colored.

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Carson Font for Subtitles

A simple font with the ability to be fun to implement.

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Times Sans Serif Font

A thin and sleek serif typeface.

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Kelvetica Nobis Font for Subtitles

Smooth two-tone font.

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Open Sans Font for Subtitles

Many Variable font with different uses.

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Rasputin Slab Serif Font

This is a sharp, curvy and versatile modern slab serif typeface

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Aleo Font for Subtitles

This font has semi-rounded details and a sleek structure, giving it a distinctive personality while readability stays high.

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Inter Font for Subtitles

Delicate font with versatility.

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Inerta Sans Serif Font

This is a neutral, but not flavourless, cross between a geometric sans and a neo-grotesk.

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Mekorot Font for Subtitle

Nice font that can be used to write the name of an expensive hotel.

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