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10+ Best Fonts for Quotes in 2021: Free and Premium

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August 4, 2021 February 28, 2022 5 min
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Fonts for Quotes. Quoting is something everyone deals with in some way or another. We hear something, we read something, and then we quote it consciously or unconsciously. Today we can observe those inspirational or motivational text exposures on clothes, banners, slogans, and on social media too. And applying the right font for your quote will only multiply its influence.

There exist numerous fonts for quotes. And with their wide range at your disposal, it might be difficult not to get lost and choose the proper one. That is exactly the reason why we prepared this list for you. We gathered all of the best fonts for quotes in one place for your convenience.

Top 5 Fonts for Quotes

Product Image & Rating (Out Of 10)Product NamePrice
Brush Script Font Sunderlines and Sanserif
Vanjar Sans Serif Clean Font
Marcellines Modern Calligraphy Font
10 Versatile Simple Clean Fonts to Give Your Designs a Unique Touch
Astrantia Christmas Sweater Font

Best Premium Fonts for Quotes

Palmer Lake | A Quotable Font Duo

This font could have been signed by the president himself.

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Quisas – Quirky Handwriting Fonts

This is a pack of loosy handwriting fonts with all caps style, mix it up with uppercase and lowercase and you'll get a different vibes from it.

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Sherley Font

This is a new elegant script font. a lovely, elegant and sweet script font.

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Loveable Script Font Duo

Loveable Script Font Duo made handwritten script with authentic dry brush imperfections, lovable script come with 2 font combination, suitable for branding.

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Boredom Handwritten Font

A Boredom Font with realistic scribbles pen styles. This set can make your design more realistic.

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Best Quotes

Best Quotes is a classy handwritten font. Made for any professional project branding.

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Untold Story | Quotable Font

Untold Story which puts a bold on your projects and will inspire you to create something unique or playful design.

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Notes and Quotes Serif

Bold dancing font.

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This is a hand-drawn font, inspired by price board from the general store and children’s taste.

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This font thrilled by the use of the pointed brush, spontaneous messages, gesture and freshness to represent inspirational phrases and quotes written by hand.

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Best Free Fonts for Quotes

Free Awesome Gotham Font

This is a tall and thin font will good viewed on comic book, t-shirt or any yours design.

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Free Harry Potter Font

This Awesome Font was created for true Harry Potter fans. Let’s dive into a magical world.

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Cedarville Cursive

This font is based on the handwriting of a cheerful young preschool teacher.

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Fondamento is calligraphic lettering styles based on the traditional Foundational Hand, a basic teaching style.

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Bodoni XT

Cute and stylish font.

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Chasing Embers Font

Watercolor black font.

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Just Me Again Down Here

Font was created a few weeks after my family and I moved to China, using a Wacom Tablet and Adobe Illustrator.

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Asphalts Font

A mixture of rough and heavy brush strokes with a bit of easy-go-lucky script feel.

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Delicate font in italics with dancing letters.

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Upnormal is a simple display font. It is the best choice for creating eye catching logos, branding and quotes.

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