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35+ Best Fonts for PowerPoint in 2021. Best Free and Premium

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July 20, 2021 March 16, 2022 13 min
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Minecraft Server Hosting. PowerPoint is a popular and highly essential program that provides people with the ability to build presentations. Such projects help you to pitch your ideas, products, proposals, reports, etc.

It is clear to everyone that the primary information on the slides is conveyed through text. Here it is necessary to understand that this text should be clear, understandable, attractive, and correspond well to the presentation topic.

After all, if you are preparing a business project and using handwritten fonts with curly lines, it would come across poorly. If the lettering is chosen improperly, it will distract the audience from the main idea and spoil the whole impression of the presentation.

That’s why we offer you here the latest and most modern typefaces. These tools will help you to realize any ideas and correctly present the message. Check out our collection of the best fonts for PowerPoint. Choose the most suitable products and create designs that will impress the audience and amaze with your careful approach to the work.

Top 5 Best Fonts for PowerPoint

Product Image & Rating (Out Of 10)Product NamePrice
DREXS Futuristic Font
Monoline Script Font Angelis

Best Premium Fonts for PowerPoint

Rollgates Luxury PowerPoint Font

Magazine style font with golden branches.

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Unione GX

A clean and modern sans-serif type family with a geometric touch.

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Entire Shop Font Bundle

A romantic font with a delicate touch and scent of flowers.

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DREXS Futuristic Font

An astronomical font that came from distant space.

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Premium Product – Viola Typeface

An elegant and springy font with flowers and a nutmeg scent.

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TOMO Ziguret

Cheerful and gambling font with childish motives.

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Modern Font Bundle

Creative and delicate typeface for

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Zink – Bold Display Fonts

Laconic and stylish font with white thin edges.

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Mudhisa Script for PowerPoint

A modern font with large swirls.

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Presentation JNL

The running letters in this font are of different colors.

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Slake PowerPoint Typeface

Creative letters in this font. Sharp corners and fine lines.

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Such a font can be used for a teaser for cartoons from the 90s.

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Big Farmhouse Font Bundle

An interesting font with a white background.

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Nomark Ligature Typeface

A trendy font with very soft lines.

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Monoline Script Font Angelis

It is he. The very same font for signatures of wedding invitations and love confessions.

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Magnies – Minimal Serif

Feel the sweetness with this font, a minimalist serif font with clean stencil looks.

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Lara – Sophisticated Serif Typeface

This is a strict and aristocratic typeface.

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Freight Big Cmp Pro

This is well suited for magazine and newspaper section heads, large headlines and book covers.

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Best Free Fonts for PowerPoint

TGNU Free Font

This is a simple font that will suit any theme and business area.

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Neufreit Sans Serif Font

A bold, persistent font that calls for action.

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Cronus Font

Thin, slightly worn font on a turquoise background.

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Tiresias Infofont

A simple classic font.

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Uniflex Font for PowerPoint

Embossed turquoise 3D font.

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Redrains Font

This is a vintage modern style serif font with 3 weight style and a bunch of alternates for each characters.

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Dear Audrey Font

Spring mood of the font with birds singing and a light breeze.

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Awesome Font for PowerPoint

The most versatile font in the classic style.

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Caramel Sweets

Sweet font with sliding caramel.

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Saphira Font for PowerPoint

This is a modern and elegant sans serif font.

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Capsule X Pro Medium Font

An interesting font that is created from several lines.

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Hello Avocado

A fun and cartoonish font in very vibrant colors.

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Kalypsa Font

A large collection of different types of fonts in one package.

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Cinema Font for PowerPoint

A font from hot Cairo.

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A playing font that kind of dances and flirts.

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The Castle Elizah

A fabulous font with a magical flavor.

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Nathanos Serif Font

Sensual font. It is about the body, about small moles and children's scars.

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Grotes Sans Font

Bright casino style font.

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Pro Font Windows

The font looks like a robotic version.

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Doland Font

Fresh, Indonesian font in green.

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