10+ Best Fonts for Dyslexia in 2021: Free and Premium

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Fonts for Dyslexia. Dyslexia is a cognitive disorder of reading and writing skills. Most often, the word “dyslexia” is associated with the confusion of letters: a dyslexic does not distinguish “b” from “d”, “o” from “e”, and others.

Fonts for dyslexics are based on this hypothesis. In these fonts, the letters differ from each other as much as possible, as if they had no internal system at all. The creators of such fonts expect this to help dyslexics read letters more quickly and easily.

For example, the Dyslexiphone was made by graphic designer Christian Boer as part of a student project and for himself because he is also dyslexic.

So, in this article, the best modern fonts for dyslexia have been carefully collected to make your life easier. Check them out and feel free to use them in your everyday life.

Top Font for Dyslexia

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Simple Fonts – 33 Fonts in 13 Families Bundle

Best Premium Fonts for Dyslexia

Dyslexie Font by Christian Boer

Dyslexie font is a typeface – specially designed for people with dyslexia – which enhances the ease of reading, learning and working.

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Gadies – Modern Sans Serif

Gadies is a modern sans serif font.

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Laurelin, a Dyslexia Friendly Font

Fun handwritten comic sans font that includes alternates and ligatures.

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Verdana Regular

Verdana regular font.

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Best Free Fonts for Dyslexia

OpenDyslexic: a Typeface for Dyslexia

OpenDyslexic: a typeface for dyslexia.

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Sylexiad Serif Dyslexia

Sylexiad serif dyslexia.

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Lexie Readable Free Dyslexia Font

Lexie readable free dyslexia font.

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Cadman Font Dyslexia Free

Cadman font dyslexia.

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Circs Inkboard Font

Circs inkboard font.

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