10 Best Distressed Font in 2021 Example.

10+ Best Distressed Font in 2021: Free and Premium Fonts

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August 9, 2021 March 16, 2022 5 min
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Distressed Font. It’s amazing how quickly and efficiently digital technologies are developing in our time. The needs of humanity are now as unpredictable and diverse as possible. Ideal graphic fonts are being replaced by just such “imperfect” Distressed Fonts, which can more correctly and accurately convey the roughness and imperfections of human writing. Obviously, we do not always need an exemplary picture. Sometimes, it is much more appropriate to apply a “reality effect” and create the appearance of a more truthful display of things. By the way, this trend is relevant not only in fonts, but also in many other areas of life. Peace for naturalness and truthfulness. This is what such Distressed Fonts are shouting about.

The fonts that we have collected on this page have quite a few different aspects. Some emphasize out-of-line, others show irregular letter contours, and others make roughness and unevenness of the surface. All this in one place especially for you.

Check out this selection, your design ego will definitely have fun with new material for work or hobby!

Best Premium Distressed Font

Distressed Grunge Font

Vintage font with a worn effect.

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ld Castle Distressed Font

This is an antique style font with a fairytale feel.

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Hoverage Typeface

It is a modern typeface with a grainy texture.

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Karelle Serif Font

Karelle is literally packed with natural feels, meant to give you chills of playfulness and an aesthetic overdose.

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Distressed Stencil Font

The font is like a code for a batch of bananas.

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Mona Font

A fun, flirtatious font in a bold style.

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Best Free Distressed Font

Lugosi Regular Font

With this dirty, distressed and grungy font you can create a superb grunge design.

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Mystic Forest Font

This is a unique decorative distressed font, perfectly suitable for for brand, logo's, titles and short phrases.

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Edmunds Distressed Font

A font with holes and bold format.

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Blue Lagoon Decorative Font

Like the cold drops of water freshen up your face and body, this decorative font does the romantic magic with your designs by bringing the summer breeze and lightness to it.

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Fibyngerowa Font

A creative font suitable for horror and mystery movies.

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Bizardless font

The font resembles the signature of a count from a long-abandoned castle.

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