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30+ Best Cool Fonts in 2021: Free and Premium

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June 18, 2021 February 26, 2022 14 min
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Cool Fonts. The font, an important element of a project’s style, has a strong association with the products being sold. With the help of the distinctive features used, customers form an opinion about you, your product, company, offer, and so on as a whole.

If you think that the font is the simplest element and is the last thing to think about, you’re wrong. The script you choose can have an impact on the mood of the person who sees it. The same exact words will have a different emotional feeling, based on the typeface style implemented in their writing.

It is important to consider the characteristics of potential audiences and to choose a font that will be seen positively and effectively perceived by them. Light playful letters on an advertising sign will actively attract the teenage audience, but to appeal to business partners, this style is not suitable. So, we offer you a selection of cool fonts, which are perfect for many different purposes. They have a great visual appearance, are ready for any customization, and will brighten up your outstanding projects.

Top Cool Fonts

Product Image & Rating (Out Of 10)Product NamePrice
20 Stunning Fonts Bundle
Modern Calligraphy Font Dilovany
Mouldy Retro Disco Font

Best Premium Cool Fonts

Cool Fonts

Vivid and cute font.

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Cool Britannia – Typeface

Modern font in sea style.

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TOMO Bossa

Magazine font in bright colors.

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Jelly Beans Cool Font

Perfect font for night fairy tail.

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Hot Mess SVG Font

Font like a marker.

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PGF Qualta

Simple font with bold elements.

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Sports Cool Fonts

Nice and elegant sports font.

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Bayshore + New Neon Glow Styles

Neon font style.

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Sweet Summer

Font for trips and vacation.

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Girly Fonts Cool Fonts

Very delicate font with thin letters.

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Quisas – Quirky Handwriting Fonts

The wavy font over which the words flow.

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Intense Emotion

Simple and easy to read font.

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Brand – Lovely Elegant Font

A stylish font that can be a part of a fashion magazine cover.

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Night Wind Sent

A capital calligraphic font.

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Best Free Cool Fonts

Sketch Script Cool Font

Font with double lines and ornaments.

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Summer Display Font

Gold font on a deep green background.

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Cool Font

A common and versatile font.

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Zulm Cool Font

The font resembles a marker.

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Sweet Cool Font

Looks like a game font.

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Cool 3D Font

Black bold font.

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Coolvetica Sans Serif Font

Summer vacation fund.

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Fox Like Font

The font is created with round elements.

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Nice cursive font.

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Cool Sans Font Family

Fashionable font.

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Thanks For Giving Font

Cute font, as if written by a child.

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Cool Story Font

The font is written in bold felt-tip pen.

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I Am Cool Font

Cool and stylish font.

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Belinda Script Font

Delicate and romantic font.

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