10+ Best Business Card Mockups for 2021: Free and Premium Mockups

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Business Card Mockups. There are so many people at conferences and meetings that it is impossible to remember everyone we meet. Many business cards always remain after such events. To make your organization stand out from the others, there is a simple action you can take to include on the business card a simple sentence that clearly and understandably describes the mission of your agency, company, office, etc. It is also advisable to leave some blank space on the card, rather than having it all filled with content. The blank space will make it easier for the reader to navigate between the blocks of information.

A very good solution would be to include in the business card some link to a video hosting or website detailing your organization or a special offer from you. Business cards with a professional design leave a feeling of trust in the organization. Here you need to think about the fact that design can both make this item stand out and make it hard to read. Remember that your card creates the first impression of the organization and it is up to you to make it look impressive.

Recognizing your needs, we have prepared a collection of the best high quality business card mockups taking into consideration all the nuances and flaws, so you do not have to bother or waste time creating a card layout. Just download one of these and enjoy creating your business cards.

Best Premium Business Card Mockups

Silk Business Card Mockup

This is a lovely delicate business card with a watercolor circle.

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White Business Card Mockups

Minimalistic business card in white and black font.

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Realistic Business Card Mockup

Laconic multi-colored cards.

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UK Business Cards Mockup

Matte solid color cards with stylish laconic design.

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Business Card Mockups

Creative cards for interesting people.

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Business Card Mockup

Delicate and light business cards in heavenly colors.

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Best Free Business Card Mockups

Overhead Business Card Mockup

The pastel colors and clean design make this business card especially beautiful.

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Business Card Mockup

Simple stylish business cards with embossed text in 3D effect.

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Stylish Business Card Mockup

This card has a matte gray surface and one geometric shape. Everything is created with taste.

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Business Card Grid Mockup

These business cards convey the main purpose - you, not the design or color combination.

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Flat Business Card Mockups

These are light white business cards with a gold logo.

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Foil Embossing Business Card Mockup

Cool stylish matte black business card with gold font.

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