10+ Best Box Templates for 2021: Free and Premium

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Box Templates. Handicraft is an enjoyable pastime that has so many benefits that you may have never thought about before. For example, let’s start from the first fact: it really saves a lot of money, since you take on all responsibility for the production of something. For you, it is necessary to pay the costs for materials only.

The second bonus is that it calms the nervous system and helps to distract from any existing problem. You literally “get stuck” in the creation of something new and completely forget about being nervous and mad: only calmness and balance in everything.

The third advantage: anything made with your own hands will be twice as pleasant a gift for your loved ones or friends. It is also great that you can come up with a special ability to create something: it will be an absolutely unique and special product. After all, it is sometimes difficult to find something specific for the request or theme of the holiday, isn’t it?

When it comes to creating boxes, this process is absolutely not difficult if it is done correctly and according to a special template. We prepared some excellent box template options for you that will help you in the implementation of this task!

Best Premium Box Templates

Box Template Design

The font choice is aimed to look simple and clean, choosing other fonts can make the design stand out for any product in a any category and look.

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Tissue Box Concept Template Series

Tissue box template concept for business.

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Box Packaging Die Cut Template Design

Disassembled packing box.

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Girl Box Template

A girly set that can be used to wrap a gift for a birthday or other occasion.

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Box Packaging Die Cut Template Design

Large gray disassembled box.

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Square Box with Safety Sticker Template

White, clear, blank, isolated cube mock up.

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Best Free Box Templates

Popcorn Paper Box Template

Bright packaging that will perfectly cover your popcorn.

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Box Packaging Die Cut Template

Small white packing box.

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Die Cut Trays

Die cut trays.

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Packaging Design

A narrow packaging box that makes a great box for a good cognac or a beautiful rose.

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Die Cut Boxes

Die cut boxes.

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