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Date of Creation May 26 2023
Color brown gray red yellow
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Fruit and berries yogurt. Milk splash. 3d realistic vector icon set
Dear customers,
please note, I create all my vector files in the program Adobe Illustrator, and sell the files in the editable .eps format (10th version). The attached archive also contains high-resolution images in the .jpg format.
But if you work in Adobe Photoshop and you need to have some of my files in the .psd format, just let me know please, send me a request with your email address and I will be happy to prepare for you the necessary .psd file, for free!
Thank you for understanding.
Kind regards,
owner of ‘Allevinatis Studio’
There is no limit to you creating your own combinations: you can mix icons together and scale them without any loss of quality as they are 100% vectors.

Fruit and berries yogurt. Vector pinterest preview image.