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Created by Alejandra Cienfuegos
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Date of Creation April 7 2019
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Airbnb Super Pack Description

A Notion Tool to manage your Airbnb like a pro

Get rid of expensive software, Airbnb Super Pack is a Notion template built for Airbnb hosts. You will have everything in a very effective management space: bookings, calendar events, supplies checklists, and many more. All in one place.

There are amazing tools to manage your rentals in the market, however, these options have three problems: they are usually expensive, you have to pay monthly, and sometimes they limit the rentals you can manage. Whit this Notion Template you’ll only have to pay once, you can manage unlimited rentals and you’ll obtain an all-in-one management space. Save time, save money and guarantee your guests the best Airbnb experience.

Characteristics :

  • 10+ databases
  • 3 pre-built pages for you to share with your guests*
  • Pre-built page to gather guest’s feedback.
  • Booking Management System
  • Control and manage your inventory and supplies
  • Finance Hub to control your income and expenses
  • Task Management System
  • 50+ hand-curated resources

Includes a page that can be used as a website if connected with Super.

We are a team of two professionals in Notionología and one of our mid-term goals is to blend Notion with our hard skills. This template was made thinking on how Notion can be an excellent tool for small entrepreneurs, in this case, specifically for the Airbnb Hosts. Small entrepreneurs can also benefit from digital approaches, and this template is a way of doing that. The Airbnb Super Pack will allow hosts to reduce costs, save time and give the extra mile for their guests.

Management system

A space to manage all your rentals. Connect every rental with tasks, finances & more

My units : Control all your rental units from here.

Guest Management : a space for information related to your guests in each of their Customer Journey stages: prior to bookings, instructions during their stay, and information after departures (include template for surveys and reviews).

Booking Management : a space to manage all your bookings and have specific control of your clients.

Property Management : a space to manage “all”. Manage the inventory, your legal contracts, your suppliers, and your tasks from here. Each space can be related to specific expenses, units, and bookings.

Finance Hub : the financial space to track expenses, incomes, and balances. See which unit gives you more profit and when are you earning more money.

Tasks Management : a quick view of all your tasks related to any management space and your current guests.

Guests CRM : a quick view of all your current and former clients.

Documentation. Information to help you set up your system.

System guide : a quick summary to understand how the system works, set up your template step by step, and understand how to use each section in the day-to-day.

FAQs : a space to find quick answers to the most common questions regarding the template.

Tutorials : Video tutorials and helpful information to sync your system with additional resources.


Curated resources to help you manage your rentals, blogs, videos, and tools :

  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Airbnb Guidelines
  • Beginners
  • Design
  • Legal
  • Surveys
  • Icons

Airbnb Super Pack Previews

Set up one time, use it forever.
The simplest way to manage Airbnb.
Self-development for everyone.
Set up one time, use it forever.
Self-development for everyone.
The simplest way to manage Airbnb.
Airbnb super pack.
Management tasks for everyone.
Airbnb super pack.
Airbnb super pack for you.
Management tasks for everyone.

Airbnb super pack.