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Created by AH Adil
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Date of Creation June 23 2024
Color black orange red
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The “Silent Scream” design features a striking and bold visual that combines vivid colors and intense imagery. The design showcases the phrase “Silent Scream” in a unique and eye-catching font. “Silent” is rendered in a deep orange hue, while “Scream” contrasts with a muted green, creating a visually dynamic effect.

Accompanying the text, to the right, is a menacing red skull with an eerie, glowing smile, accentuating the theme of silent horror and unseen terror. The skull’s sharp contours and the contrasting colors of the teeth add to the design’s overall impact, making it both captivating and unsettling.

The entire design is set against a black background, enhancing the colors and making the elements pop. This design is also available in a white variant, offering versatility for different preferences and applications. Whether used for apparel, posters, or digital media, the “Silent Scream” design is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Silent Scream pinterest preview image.