Adobe Buys Figma for $20 Billion: What Changes Await Designers?

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On September 15, it was officially reported that Adobe and Figma had reached an agreement for $20 billion in cash and stock – in other words, Adobe buys Figma. This is Adobe’s most expensive purchase – no wonder Figma is worth it.

It’s Lera – the Let’s talk about the deal and the future of two big companies.

What We Know about the Companies (Really Briefly)

Adobe is known for Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, and other software. Their key features are paid software and the fact that programs heavily load the computer’s RAM.

Figma is a rapidly developing environment for creating web design: sites, applications, presentations, etc. Designers love Figma for the free version and convenient software, the possibility of teamwork, the web version, and excellent work.

Adobe’s shares have fallen sharply recently and probably its management plans to attract new users and profits to the company. It’s like a breath of fresh air for the brand. But there are many doubts and worries for the design community.

What Can We Expect from This Purchase?

The official statement said that the deal should take place in 2023. Until then, Figma will continue to work independently.

That was the official part. Now, let’s talk about the most exciting one: “How will this affect Figma?”.

The statement says: “Adobe and Figma will benefit all stakeholders in the product development process, from designers to product managers and developers, by bringing the powerful capabilities of Adobe’s imaging, photography, illustration, video, 3D, and font technologies to the Figma platform.”

How this will be implemented is not yet clear. Everyone really hopes that Figma will not get a large number of bugs, will not load the computer too much due to updates, will leave the free version and free projects in the community.

I can assume that the subscription price will increase, and the free version may be removed altogether. Because the deal is very expensive for Adobe, this investment will need to be returned.

We hope that Adobe will not turn Figma into the second Adobe XD, which she bypassed in popularity.

Let’s discuss this news! What do you expect from such cooperation?

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