Sexy Font: Guide on How to Choose a Font

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By: Jim Harding January 14, 2020
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This is Part 5 of a 5-part series on building your typography skills:

Part 1: Everything Is In The Fonts – A Guide For Beginners
Part 2: Sell Your Fonts. Become a Typographer: 23 Steps Career Guide in 2020
Part 3: Free Checklist: How to Become a Font Designer
Part 4: How to Make and Sell Stock Vectors and Photos: an All-in-One Guide

Quite often there is a question on how to choose a font for presentations, announcements, tables, advertisements, summaries, websites, blogs, documents, etc. Many factors depend on the font. The font is capable to simplify the perception of the site and information on it for a new user or, conversely, complicate the perception of the site. Properly selected font affects not only the visual part of the site but also the perceiving of the content.
We offer you to understand and find answers to the following questions:

  • What kinds of fonts are there?
  • What are they for?
  • How to use fonts correctly?
  • How do I choose a font color?
  • Where can I find the right fonts?
  • Which fonts are topical to date?

The Best Font Bundles Ever:

Types of Fonts + their purpose

There are quite a few options for dividing fonts into groups, but they are used to distinguish two main categories: handwritten and printed fonts. Printed sexy fonts, in turn, are divided into three groups. We suggest you take a look at this scheme to get a better understanding of it:

  1. handwritten: imitating human handwriting or calligraphy, they have an original look, among them, there are personalized ones (for example, Kafka font). They are used for headings or logos.
  2. printed:
    – antique is a serif font; they are used in logos, headings and to
    – highlight key information on the page;
    – grotesque is neutral fonts without serifs; suitable for headings, paragraphs, main text;
    – accidental (decorative) is original and bright fonts, that used highlight titles or create logos.
Serifs are small strokes at the end of the letter.

Huge collection of font showcases:

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How to Use a Font in a Sexy Way

Long text = fonts with serifs

When you fill out any long text (article, resume, letter, instruction), you should use a font with serifs, i.e. an antiquota. It is believed that the long text typed in this font is easier to read. In the traditional book, too, it is used Antiqua. This is due to the fact that the antique appeared earlier and was actively used in printed products. If you use Windows, then you will find Georgia, Times New Roman, Courier New, Garamond suitable. There is also Georgia on Mac OS, as well as Iowan Old Style, Charter and PT Serif.

Short text = no Serif fonts

Grotesques are everywhere – they are used on websites, in interfaces, logos, advertisements, navigation, packaging and even in books. Since the end of XIX century this type of fonts is associated with everything modern, so if you make a slide presentation or choose a font for the logo of your new company, feel free to use the grotesque. For Windows users, this is Verdana, Tahoma, and Segoe UI. Mac OS users also add Verdana and Tahoma, Helvetica Neue and Helvetica(the whole movie about this font has even been made).

Important thing: remember about the mood of the text. For example, writing a serious article in Comic Sans font is very strange. Therefore, it is better to use standard fonts, which will fit any text.

Sexy Font size matters

The size of the text depends on the amount of text and affects its readability. Recently, there has been a tendency to use large print. Smaller is less frequently used.
Large text is used to highlight the main parts of the text. These can be headings, subheadings, logos, etc. The most popular font sizes for tables and documents are 11,12,14. For blogs, it is customary to use a larger font of 16. And in presentations, of course, everything depends on the content, and here you can already make a suitable font of any size.
Font size matters

Say no to reducing the interval

The readability of the information also depends on the interval between the lines. Basically, everyone tries to put more text on one page. But this is not right! The information that is presented in this way is not perceived and is not remembered. The optimal distance between the lines for excellent readability should vary from 130% to 150%.


Don’t forget about accents

Special accent tools are used to focus the reader’s attention on the text, or a small piece of text. These are font size, color, italics, and saturation. One of the variants is mainly used. In special cases, there are a few, but the main thing is not to overdo it.

Font color

Color produces an accentuated and emotional impact on the person. Always the perfect combination is a dark sexy font on a light background or vice versa. With a wide range of colors, you can use not only primitive colors (black and white) but also bright colors. The main thing is to remember the contrast.


Download fonts from trusted sources

Google fonts are the most commonly used fonts for website design. There are reasons for this:

  • quality and easy use;
  • no problems with the layout;
  • wide choice (constant updating and appearance of new fonts),
  • Google fonts are displayed correctly when opened in any browser.

Among the most popular Google fonts stand out: Open Sans, Lora, Roboto, PT Sans, Ubuntu.

Where to find fonts

Many wonderful fonts you may find on the Internet and free download. It may be just a free font, the work of a beginner or amateur typographer, a promotion in the store or a trial version. The most obvious place to look for free fonts is, of course, Google Fonts. You may search for free fonts in thematic sites or download a trial release from font manufacturers’ websites.

You can also buy fonts. The most popular online font shop is MyFonts. You may also buy them on official websites that create fonts: Parachute, Colophon, Radim Pesko, Commerical Type, Grilli Type.

Free Sexy fonts

Free Sexy Script Font: Think Music

free sexy font

Typography Bundle: Lev Distressed Font


1. Use fonts with serifs for long texts and fonts without serifs for short texts.
2. Choose only a convenient font size.
3. Emphasize with italics or saturation where appropriate.
4. The background and font color should have sufficient contrast.
5. Use the line spacing (130%-150%).
6. Never write the whole text in capital letters.
7. Choose a font suitable for the information provided.
8. Use the combination of grotesque and antique.
9. Keep an eye on font updates.
10. Download fonts from proven sources only.

The Best Font Bundles Ever:

If you have any questions about fonts, you can ask us and get a quick answer!

Business WordPress Themes FAQ

Should I use free or premium fonts?

It depends on your budget and needs. If you can afford and need really great fonts, download premium fonts. If you can’t and are a beginner here, you can use free ones.

Is it really better to use a font bundle instead of a single font?

It depends on your needs and requirements. If you need a lot of fonts to experiment with, use a bundle. If you need just one single font for a heading, you can use just one font.

Is it possible to get any discount on sexy fonts or others?

Yes. Master Bundles regularly offers discounts on a lot of products. Just subscribe to the newsletter to know about them.

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