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1000 Vintage Illustrations with 80% OFF

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Date of Creation February 10 2016
Author Mariia Kotciurzhinskaia
Price $18
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1000 Vintage Illustrations

This bundle contains 1000 vector illustrations pulled from old books, magazines and ads and carefully restored. Each vector file comes with a transparent PNG preview in high resolution.

They can be easily scaled and colorized.

Graphic packs included:

100 Farm Animals – $12
176 Wild Animals – $12
110 Floral Illustrations – $12
190 Astrology & Alchemy Illustrations – $12
200 Fashion Illustrations – $12
57 Nautical Illustrations – $8
42 Sports Illustrations – $8
60 Publishing Illustrations – $8
52 Postcard Illustrations – $8

wild Animals vintage illustration

sports Illustrations

Floral Illustrations vintage

Fashion Illustrations

 Farm Animals vintage illustration

Astrology & Alchemy Illustrations

Fashion Illustrations

Postcard Illustrations

ports Illustrations

 Farm Animals vintage illustration

wild Animals vintage illustration

wild Animals vintage illustration

Floral Illustrations vintage

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