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Wood Effect: WOODY Photoshop Design Kit – only $19

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Wood Effect

Wood Effect. Just a couple of simple steps and you achieve excellent results: the wooden elements, lettering, signs on the sticks or ropes and chains. Add the natural elements, bark, leaves, board walls, the old cracked wood, parquet etc. to the design project. It should be more realistic and look great!

WOODY Photoshop 2020

🏆 Vendor Natalia Pokataeva

76 LAYER STYLES (72 and 300 dpi):

12 Wood
7 Bark
3 Charcoal
1 Corkwood
1 Firewood
14 Leaves
7 Old Wood
6 Painted
3 Parquet
16 Planking
2 Sawdust
2 Nail Heads
2 Carving

50 Badges PNG
9 Chains PNG
32 Leaves PNG
27 Nail Heads PNG
14 Ropes PNG
19 Signs PNG
Laconic Long Shadow Actions
Leaves Brushes

There are so many cool things in this designer kit.

Wood Effect previews

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