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Wedding Rose, Flowers, Marble Textures -$4

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Rose, Flowers, Marble Textures. For background, scrapbooking, invites, card design or any graphic projects. High quality 300 dpi 3600×3600 px 12”x12” ( 30.5cm” ) JPG files.




Exactly what is a design texture?

Each and every piece of art, it doesn’t matter whether it is a sculpture, web design or painting object will have two to three dimensions. Besides size, shapes and colors it additionally has specific qualities of the surface area that can be observed by eye. When looking at the image we can say that it’s tough, glossy or hard. That’s exactly what a texture is.

Why on earth do you require a design pattern?

The pattern can be described as visual composition you can observe just about everywhere and each and every day. Actually your residence is filled with patterns, for example, on the wallpapers that decorate the wall space of the living room. The design pattern is an element of the image that is predictably duplicated on to produce a big, geometrical and symmetrical picture. The patterns can be artificial (like pagodas in Thailand or porcelain ceramic floor tiles) and natural (like dunes in the sand and cracks in the arid ground).

Both the patterns and textures are widely used in art. Site designers love to use them because patterns and textures certainly are a great background for a webpage – they do not divert the visitor but highlight the actual essence of the webpage. On top of that, textures and patterns can be used for alternative design and style functions (for example, in interior decorating or construction). It is expensive to buy them as a stand alone, for that reason typically they are bought in bundles.

What’s a Bundle?

The design bundle is actually a collection or set of design items. They are gathered to a single “package” and are advertised together, as a single product. In most cases, there’s certain topic or purpose that integrates the items within a product bundle, but that’s not necessary. The time, while the package deal is offered, is very limited (about five days) and that’s why the price of it is lower than those products would cost if marketed on an individual basis. Package deals are very profitable and make it easy for web designers to save some good dollars.

Why patterns and textures are very important?

If you wish to have a cool and attractive design which will impress the visitor – under no circumstances try to save on tools and materials. Top-quality textures or patterns can certainly make nearly every design excel, for that reason steer clear of non-professional products. Lousy color picking or low-resolution pictures could very well mess up the appearance of the project.

Suppose the bundle doesn’t include all the things I needed?

MasterBundles features a huge selection of various special deals. In case you feel that a certain package doesn’t include the thing you need, take a look at the other ones! If you check out our selection, you will undoubtedly find something to meet your artistic needs. The packages vary in design, complexity, and price range, what’s the same is the excellent quality of our graphics. Make use of the website menu to lead your way through our library and enjoy!

Can I find any other packages on MasterBundles?

MasterBundles site provides a lots of patterns & textures package deals, both man-made and natural. Their cost ranges from $4 to $19 and those are all top quality, professionally created items. However, patterns and textures are not the only products MasterBundles could provide you with. You can find mockups, logos and illustrations, plus tons of other things. You might in fact find site templates on MasterBundles.com for a less expensive price!

What is MasterBundles.com?
MasterBundles.com is an online marketplace. On our website, expert web designers offer their masterpieces at the best prices. This site offers the best deals on the market, and our deals are well reviewed by clients. Visit our blog, it is loaded with useful information for successful web designers. Furthermore, in case you subscribe to our newsletter, you will be the first to learn about our special discounts. And we absolutely love discounts. There are always coupon codes and promotional codes offered to chop the prices to a bare minimum.

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