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Watercolor Cactus in Pots – $11

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Watercolor Cactus in Pots

28 watercolor illustrations of cactus pots, hand-painted in watercolors. The graphics are hi-resolution and perfect for both digital and print use.

Cactus Pots, Cactus Clipart, Watercolor Clipart, Flower Pots, Digital Clip Art, Plant Pot, Hand Painted, Printable, Commercial Use


From 1050×1879 pixels to 1610×3360 pixels.

28 PNG format at 300 dpi on transparent background in ZIP-archive:

18 PNG files with cactus pots,
5 PNG files with cactus pots with decor,
5 PNG files with decor
Watercolor Cactus in Pots

Watercolor Cactus in Pots

Watercolor Cactus in Pots

Watercolor Cactus in Pots

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