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Transact Online Banking Presentation Template

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Transact Online Banking Presentation

TRANSACT ONLINE BANKING TEMPLATE: “TRANSACT” is creative template for Fin-tech companies. It includes modern and useful elements such as portfolio, typographic, services, icons data charts, infographics, mockups. Also you can use this template for other mobile application introduction.


  • Powerpoint Presentation Template: 40 Transact.pptx
  • Keynote Presentation Template Template: 40 Transact.Key
  • Googleslide Presentation Template: 40 Transact.pptx
  • Shape Icon Library: +1300 Icons


  • Full Screen & Responsive (16:9 wide)
  • Master Slide Option (Easy Editable)
  • Drag & Drop Image (Image Replace)
  • Ready to use 40 Slides
  • +1300 Shape Icon Library
  • All Essential Function (Portfolio, Team Work, Infographic, Chart etc..,)
  • Free Google Font
  • Extended Documentation

Transact Online Banking Presentation Previews

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Transact Online Banking Presentation Template. Collage Image.

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