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Stream WordPress Theme – $25

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One Page Sites / Landing Pages – Easily setup one-page navigation with Stream WordPress theme on your front-page or across multiple pages to create unique and engaging layouts for your visitors. All you need to build an exceptional responsive one-page website style easily with anchors and without coding using a drag & drop live page builder. Theme live demo.

Stream WordPress Theme -  $25 - Stream One Page Landing Page WordPress Theme

Stream is a clean, modern, minimal, royal, multi-purpose, landing-page and one-page WordPress theme. It has a wide range of incredible features and includes $150 worth of goodies, everything you need to create an awesome site in an incredibly easy way of saving money and time doing it. Build any site design without code knowledge! Theme online documentation.

Stream WordPress Theme -  $25 - stream wordpress theme ipad two iphones 1170x533

Stream WordPress Theme -  $25 - stream wordpress theme ipad two iphones blue 1170x650

What’s Website Template?

Clearly, this year, website themes are just about everywhere. Moreover, big brands would rather start their sites with these trendy products. That being said, what is website template and why do you might need it? For starters, site template (or website theme) is a collection of pages, modules, and user interface elements. All of the layouts a template comes with are pre-designed and properly featured. In addition, these ready-to-create products are flexible, therefore you are able to customize each and every page, each individual color, as well as every pixel easily.

Talking about the web templates, they are free of code as well. Consequently, a user gets their design right out of the box without writing any code. Moreover, the product includes all the must-have functions and the trendy design components (sliders, Parallax backgrounds, carousels, and many others) simultaneously. Additionally, downloading the package of a professionally developed web template, a user will find there top quality plugins. And these are just among other things!

To sum up, a premium site template is your opportunity to set up the ideal project easily and without spending all of the money. Needless to say these templates are a lot more than the dull designs with a poorly created navigation!

Frankly speaking, this kind of products are exceptional due to a built-in editor that lets you manage the website up to your business style or personal taste. For anybody who is interested in a stress-free way to start a modern website, this is what you need!

What Is WordPress CMS?

Right now, WordPress is one of the most common CMSs to operate a website. In 2020, WP powers almost 40 % of the existing sites, why then is it so widely common? First of all, WordPress CMS provides its users with an absolutely stress-free site development procedure. You will not need to have any special skill to start up a decent webpage thanks to ready-made WordPress template. These designs can be implemented by users of all proficiency levels. Overall, by making use of a WP theme, you end up with a real WYSIWYG feel. With it, you can make online pages, customize them, and tweak any detail easily thanks to a inbuilt drag-and-drop content customizer. It comes with any WP theme. Moreover, there’s a live preview, which means you’ll reduce many of the frequent slipups.

Meanwhile, WordPress is not just a solid system to run a website. It is a place for top quality digital products for web creators. As you may already know, WP also supplies the users with various cost-free digital goods. The record of these offers consists of themes, extensions, typography, addons, etc. Anyone who doesn’t have a any experience can find numerous tutorials available on the web. Lastly, using the services of WordPress platform, you can find a layout for practically any business venture! It will consist of only the characteristics your corporate website actually requires and, undoubtedly, there will be several website design trends in the package. Additionally, WordPress CMS frequently supplies its clients with no cost updates that come with automatic set up.

What’s WordPress Template?

To start with, all the high-quality WordPress Templates are commonly referred to as themes. In actual fact, the largest part of such items is multifunctional. It implies that you are able to run a wide range of online projects for different intentions using only a single design. It can be useful not only for site owners but for web developers too because you are able to make as many websites as you require. Dealing with the tech side, WordPress themes are easy to work with, completely user-friendly and very uncomplicated in customization. So which functions you can discover downloading the bundle of a WordPress Web theme?

Surely, the pack of a properly selected WordPress template includes all the must-have features. Firstly, there’s a responsive layout that helps your site work awesome on any gadget no matter which screen dimensions it comes with. Secondly, there should be a mobile-ready layout to make all the needed areas functional on mobiles. Thirdly, take into account that your site certainly requires such important features as crossbrowser compatibility and Google-friendly code. A result of the built-in Search Engines Optimization, Google, Yahoo, and other engines will quickly notice your website among competitor’s projects. At last, contained in the pack of WordPress web theme, you will find a number of demos for blog and gallery to pick from. Nowadays, running an up-to-date blog remains to be a nice approach to establish trustworthy relationships with the audience. With it, you can share all the news such as future sales and new products. Moreover, there will be newsletter membership possibility to keep your viewers active. Needless to say, you will get lots of easy to read web typography and eye-friendly icons to improve your textual content and these are just a tiny part!

Certainly, in 2018, you must have a handful of trendy options to stick out from everyone else. Because of these basic factors, these WordPress web themes include a number of voguish functions. For example, there are lots of counters, (such as Countdown Timer which is a marvelous way to point out a deal or sale) charts, accordions, progress bars, and more. Not to mention, WP themes include fabulous visual effects. There’s a favored Parallax Scrolling, which lets you generate appealing and neat backgrounds. While using the feature, you’ll guide visitor through the pages of the site in an interactive way.

Furthermore, all the premium WordPress web themes are packed with awesome plugins inside. They supply a site with comfy and intuitive navigation. It’s a necessary factor in case you would like the website to be a well-liked place. There’s MagaMenu plugin, that enables site owners making nice-looking menus of any difficulty. Working with the function, you can classify the items or webpages using categories and subcategories if necessary. Among the some other characteristics that will advance the navigation of the website, there are such things as sliders, custom sidebars, sticky header, widgets, Ajax-based page transitions, etc. And if you wish to see how a theme looks before buying it, there’s always live preview offered on the product description page..

How Much Do WordPress Web Templates Cost?

Normally, a WP web template with a single site license will be priced at about sixty dollars. Obviously, the end price tag usually is defined by the characteristics, user interface elements, and extensions that the product includes. When it comes to multipurpose WP web templates, each one will be priced at ninety dollars or higher. Despite the fact that these prices sound reasonable, you can save more money on buying a WP design. How? For these very simple reasons, have a look at modern bundles.

What’s Bundle?

In short, product bundling means providing plenty of services or products for sale. With it, bundle is a set that contains few (or multiple) different goods created for the same topic. To illustrate, in case you are going to launch a web project, there are ready-made bundles that already come with items like web templates, web typography, premium plugins, high-quality photographs, and more.

One more noticeable good thing about choosing bundle is its price tag. In short, bundle costs like a couple of items it contains. For this reason some customers might think that as opposed to the cost of some other products and services the purchase price appears questionable. What is the key? Well, bundle is at all times a short time deal which explains why it’s so inexpensive!

Why It’s Best To Buy WordPress Web Themes Bundles?

Basically, choosing a bundle can be a time saver. To say more, it is certainly comfortable for web developers because they will receive all the necessary items just out of the box! Consequently, you won’t need to spend your time on looking for every piece individually. Making use of these elements, you will effortlessly create the desired web project.

Where To Find More Products?

If perhaps you didn’t see the important items within this bundle, make sure you check out the gallery, since there are many other bundles. For example, you can pick from such things as CrocoBlock bundle, premium WP bundles, or mega bundles. Also, MasterBundles collection also contains bundles with graphics, textures, fonts, mockups, presentations, images, and vectors.

What Is MasterBundles?

As the title of the organization says, MasterBundles is a modern online resource that provides various premium solutions for website owners. Exploring the collection of the company, you will come across a number of products that are available in a bundle. For that reason, you can easily build the website of your dream without running out of the budget. In addition, you will spend less money without sacrificing the quality of your website!

Plus, MB suggests their visitors to apply exclusive discounts. Make sure you make use of them in order to get a discount! You can save up to 30%! MasterBundles has an active blog, which would be beneficial for anyone who likes to learn about up to date news about web design resources, the hottest tendencies, etc. Additionally, MB crew put up all of the new deals in the blog, so don’t miss the boat! There’s a simple subscription form in the footer of the page. Be sure to include your email and be the first person to learn about upcoming sales and special deals.

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