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ShortPixel WP Plugin: Optimize Your Site’s Images

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ShortPixel WP Plugin: Optimize Your Site’s Images

This WordPress plugin will help you to improve your site speed! If your website’s real slow to load, it can have a dramatic effect on your search engine rankings. With ShortPixel, there’s no need to worry! This amazing WordPress plugin can instantly compress all of your site’s images, without losing any quality.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EbX0Hsy6j4&w=560&h=315]

Why use ShortPixel to optimize your images? Here are some of the features:

1. Speed up your website by easily compressing your site’s images.
2. Beef up your site’s SEO potential by improving your page load time.
3. Automatically compresses all your images from the past, present and future.
4. Trim up to 90% of your original images’ sizes.
5. Reduce your images without changing the quality at all.
5. Supports multiple image file types including: JPG, PNG, GIF and PDF.
6. With batch image optimization, hit a huge chunk of images at once.
7. Simple to install this WordPress plug-in.
8. No need to worry, you can restore your original images at any time.
9. Bulk optimize your existing gallery of images with just 1 click.
10. Analyze your data with a 40-day optimization report covering all image details and overall statistics.
11. Get a single API key to use on multiple sites.
12. Perfect plugin for eCommmerce sites currently using the WooCommerce plugin.
13. Help and support is available 24 hours a day.

See how it works:

ShortPixel WP Plugin: Optimize Your Site's Images
ShortPixel WP Plugin: Optimize Your Site's Images
Api Key
ShortPixel WP Plugin: Optimize Your Site's Images
ShortPixel WP Plugin: Optimize Your Site's Images

ShortPixel WP Plugin: Optimize Your Site's Images

ShortPixel WP Plugin: Optimize Your Site's Images

ShortPixel WP Plugin: Optimize Your Site's Images

ShortPixel WP Plugin: Optimize Your Site's Images

ShortPixel WP Plugin: Optimize Your Site's Images

ShortPixel WP Plugin: Optimize Your Site's Images

ShortPixel WP Plugin: Optimize Your Site's Images

ShortPixel WP Plugin: Optimize Your Site's Images


With our coupon you’ll get 10K image credits only for $4.99 (that would be a 50% price reduction).

Deal terms:

1. You will receive the registration key on your email after completing your purchase. The single API key can be used on multiple sites.
2. You need a WordPress site for this plugin.
3. Your image quota never expires. There is also no file size limit.
4. The license is non-transferrable.

What’s Website Template?

As you can notice, this year, website themes are pretty much everywhere. Moreover, big businesses would rather create their webpages using these trendy products. That being said, what is web theme and why do you actually need it? Firstly, web template (or website theme) is a variety of thematic layouts, modules, and UI kits. Every one of the layouts a theme contains are pre-made and properly functioning. Additionally, these ready-to-create solutions are flexible, meaning that you can tweak every single page, each individual color, and every pixel easily.

Speaking of the worthy website themes, they are code-free as well. Because of this, a user receives their web project right off the shelf without writing a single line of computer code. Moreover, the product includes all the essential options and the chic design components simultaneously. Besides, downloading the package of a professionally made website template, a user will discover there premium plugins. And these are only to name a few!

Frankly talking, such products are one of a kind due to an inbuilt page builder that enables you to adjust the web pages up to your business style or personal preference. Should you be trying to find a simple and easy way to set up a modern site, here is what you really need!

So What Is WordPress platform?

These days, WordPress is one of the most widely used CMSs to run a website. This current year, WP handles just about 40 % out of all the websites, so why is it so favored? To start with, WP provides its users with a whole stress-free website creation experience. You do not need to have any particular training to start up a quality website with the help of WordPress template. These themes can be used by users of all skill levels. In simple terms, by making use of a WordPress theme, you get a real WYSIWYG feel. Using it, you can build new online pages, personalize them, and modify any feature with no trouble thanks to a built-in content editor. It comes with any WP design. Moreover, there’s a real time mode, so you will reduce most of the common slipups.

Having said that, WordPress is not just a strong system to manage a website. It’s a source of top quality digital products for web creators. As you may know, WordPress also supplies the audience with a number of absolutely free digital products. The collection of these offers consists of templates, plugins, fonts, addons, etc. Anybody who doesn’t have a any past experience can get various video tutorials available on the web. At last, working with WP, you can find a theme for practically any industry! It will contain only the features your business website genuinely requires and, for sure, you will find some web design trends in the pack. On top of that, WordPress usually provides its members with costless updates that include automatic set up.

What Is WordPress Website Template? ShortPixel WP Plugin: Optimize Your Site’s Images

To start with, premium WP templates are commonly referred to as themes. In actual fact, the primary part of this products is multifunctional. It suggests that you can build a wide range of online projects for various businesses using only one skin. It can be helpful not just for website owners but also for website developers too because you are able to build as many websites as you want. Talking about the technical side, WordPress web templates are easy-to-use, completely intuitive and very simple in editing. That being said, which features you can find opening the bundle of a WordPress website template?

Needless to say, the pack of a carefully chosen premium WordPress theme is made up of all the must-have features. First of all, there’s a responsive layout that helps your site operate perfectly on any gadget no matter which display dimensions it includes. Additionally, there should be a mobile-ready layout to make all the important areas scrollable from mobiles. Furthermore, bear in mind that your website definitely requires such important features as crossbrowser compatibility and SEO-friendly program code. A result of the inbuilt SEO, Google, Yahoo, as well as other search engines will quickly notice your site among other online projects. Last but not least, inside the pack of WP theme, you will find a number of styles for blog and portfolio to select from. Nowadays, maintaining a modern day blog remains to be a great approach to create reliable relations with the viewers. By using it, you can share all the news such as future sales and new arrivals. Besides, there will be newsletter membership possibility to keep your viewers active. Obviously, you’ll receive lots of readable web typography and easy on the eyes icons to improve your textual content and these are just a fraction!

Undoubtedly, this year, you need to have several trendy elements to stay ahead of everyone else. Due to these basic factors, these WordPress web templates have various stylish features. For instance, there are plenty of counters, (like Countdown Timer that is a marvelous way to spotlight an offer or sale) charts, accordions, progress bars, and more. Not to mention, WP web themes come with beautiful graphic effects. There’s a well-liked Parallax Scrolling effect, which will help you to generate captivating and neat backgrounds. While using the function, you’ll guide website visitors through the content of the site in an interactive way.

Furthermore, all the high quality WordPress web templates contain popular plugins inside. They supply a website with pleasant and easy-to-use interface. It’s an essential factor if you would like the site to be a go-to destination. There’s MagaMenu plugin, that allows webmasters building nice-looking menus of any difficulty. Making use of the function, you can separate the items or pages using categories and subcategories if necessary. On the list of other features that will improve the navigation of the website, there are things like sliders, sticky menu, back-to-top button, CTA buttons, Ajax-powered page transitions, and much more. Actually, nowadays, each of the WordPress web templates come with previews, so its possible to check them to understand how a skin works in action.

How Much Do WP Themes Cost?

On average, a WP theme with a single site license will be priced at about $60. Obviously, the end price tag normally depends on the feature, user interface kits, and plugins that are in the product’s pack. In regards to multipurpose WordPress web templates, one of them will cost you ninety dollars or more. Even though these prices seem quite reasonable, you can save more money on purchasing a WP design. How? For these very simple purposes, check out up-to-date bundles.

What Is Bundle?

Lately, item bundling is a widely used practice, so a lot of famous vendors start offering their goods in bundles. So what’s bundle? In short, product bundling implies providing several products or services for sale. With it, bundle is a set that includes few various products made for the same topic. For instance, if you are going to set up a web project, there are digital bundles that already include such things as web themes, web fonts, premium plugins, high-quality photographs, and more.

One more noticeable benefit of picking bundle is its cost. Basically, bundle is priced like a couple of objects it contains. That’s why some users might think that as opposed to the cost of other products and services the price seems suspicious. What’s the key? Basically, bundle is at all times a limited time deal and that’s why it’s so affordable!

Why It’s Better To Purchase WP Templates Bundles?

Basically, getting a bundle can save your time. Furthermore, it is certainly convenient for web designers because they will receive all the needed goods just off the shelf! Because of this, you won’t need to spend your time on seeking each and every item separately. Using these essentials, you will easily put together the desired online project.

Where To Buy More Products?

In the event you didn’t find the important items within this bundle, feel free to go to the gallery, since there are many other bundles. For example, you can opt for items like CrocoBlock bundle, high quality WP bundles, or mega bundles. Moreover, MasterBundles collection also consists of bundles with graphics, icons, patterns, social media products, presentations, images, and vectors.

What’s MasterBundles?

As the title of the organization suggests, MasterBundles is a modern resource that provides various ready-made digital products for website owners. Checking out the gallery of the company, you will come across many elements that come in a form of a bundle. Due to this fact, you’re able to build the site without spending all your funds. Additionally, you will save money without decreasing the quality of your website!

Besides, MB offers their customers to apply exclusive coupons. Make sure you apply them to get a price reduction! You can save up to 30%! MasterBundles has an active blog page, which may be useful for everyone who likes to learn about current news about digital resources, the hottest tendencies, etc. Additionally, MB crew submit all of the hot offers in the blog page, so don’t miss out! There’s a simple registration form in the bottom of the blog. Remember to add your email address and be the first person to learn about future discounts and special offers.