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Paper Mockups Bundle

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By: rebrandy
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Product Description:

This mockup template features a set of paper mockups in which you will be able to showcase your publishing projects, ads, logo and typography designs, illustrations or any other ideas of print design. The bundle includes 25+ psd mockups with customizable papers design and 4 kraft textures.
Paper Mockups Bundle
Use this incredible mockup in your corporate presentations, design portfolios or on social media to boost your online marketing presence. From business cards to magazines, a wide range of paper templates gives endless possibilities to you and your imagination, and it only takes a few minutes to personalize.

Product includes:
26 psds with customizable papers design;
4 jpg textures;
help files (video tutorials);
Editable elements:
papers texture;
papers design;
background filter;

Paper Mockups Bundle

Paper Mockups Bundle

Paper Mockups Bundle

Paper Mockups Bundle

Paper Mockups Bundle

Mockups here:

business card horizontal
business card vertical
business card with rounded corners

dl flyer
dl brochure two fold
dl brochure two fold cover
dl brochure two fold back side
a5 flyer
brochure a5 two fold
brochure a5 two fold back side

envelope front side
envelope opened with flyer
envelope opened with postcard

clipboard signing

document a4
document a4 signing
document a4 signing last page

poster a3
poster a3 folded

magazine cover
magazine opened

book paper cover
book hard cover black
book half title
book spread

Important: Patterns, fonts and pictures used in previews are not included in product.

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