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Navy Blue Marble Textures – $4

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For background, scrapbooking, invites, card design or any graphic projects.

high quality 300 dpi 3600×3600 px 12”x12” ( 30.5cm” ) JPG files


Just what is a texture? Each and every work of art, regardless whether it is a web design, statue or picture item will have two or three aspects. Besides shapes, size and colors it also has certain qualities of the surface which is observed visually. When examining the image you can state that it’s fine, coarse, soft, smooth, matt, tough or glossy. That’s exactly what a texture is.

Why on earth do you want a pattern? A pattern is often understood as a background that includes recurrent images. Whenever we see that a set of elements of design is repeated countless times inside of a single layout, we call this effect a pattern. Patterns are most valued for being lightweight and responsive to various screen sizes. With web design patterns, you can easily create one-of-a-kind gorgeous backgrounds and emphasize individual components. A lot of website designers select patterns over HQ photos to make web page backgrounds since they are highly diverse, eye-catching, and easy to work with. Patterns enable you to create vibrant and consistent designs. Adding a classy pattern or a detailed texture can completely change the overall look and feeling of any design. The costs of patterns and textures range from four to fifty dollars depending on their difficulty and uniqueness. We provide the most varied kits on MasterBundles.com. They differ in price, so everyone will find a product to match their resources.

What’s a Design Bundle? The product bundle is actually a set or selection of design items. They’re compiled to a single “box” and are offered together, as one product. Primarily, there’s certain subject or purpose that integrates the products within a product bundle, but that’s not required. The period, as the bundle can be bought, is very small (as many as five days) and that’s the reason the price of it is less than those products would cost you when sold separately. Deals are very rewarding and allow designers to save some good money.

Why the patterns & textures quality is so vital? High quality patterns and textures will bring dynamics and personality to your business oriented projects. Take a look at effective website designs or branding materials, you will see that they take advantage of the User Interface elements. For example, a good natural texture used in a design of a wrapping will make the product look organic and high-class. A website with a modern technology-inspired pattern layout will appear cutting-edge and top-notch. If you would like your business oriented projects to make a certain impression, patterns and textures are your must-have tools. Pick them carefully and don’t sacrifice higher quality for the price.

I Have Not Discovered Any Desirable Textures in This Package Deal. What to Do? Not every design bundle contains items you want which is quite normal. They are intended for various objectives . However, MasterBundles site features dozens of deals for almost every occasion, so if a specific bundle doesn’t include all the items you want – we encourage you to check the other bundles. There are so many of these, that it is almost certain you’ll find something suitable.

What Other Sorts of Bundle Deals Do You Offer on MasterBundles? MasterBundles.com site contains a huge collection of textures & patterns package deals, both man-made and natural. Their price tag ranges from $4 to $19 and those are high-quality, professionally created items. Then again, patterns and textures are not the only things MasterBundles could offer. You can find logos, photos and ebooks, plus lots of other items. You might even acquire web templates there for a lower price!

What’s MasterBundles.com? MasterBundles.com project is a large market place, selling bundles of a variety of web goods. Everything you might require to create a design project or a web page is sold here and you can buy it for a discounted price. There’s also a blog, where one can always find interesting info and up-to-date news. The lifetime of a bundle is very limited, so as to be in touch and not miss out on the particular deal you want – sign up for a newsletter and receive announcements on all the updates.

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