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IPinator VPN – Cloak & Hide Your IP Address With Ease!

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When you browse the Internet normally, your computer makes a direct connection to the websites you visit. With IPinator VPN running, an anonymous proxy server is set to relay information between you and the websites you visit, hence web sites see the fake relay IP and not your real IP address.

Where are these fake IP addresses located?

IPinator VPN selects a random IP from a list of hundreds of anonymous fake IPs from all over the world. The chosen IP is then automatically installed into your web browser, e-mail client, game, or other application you specify IPinator VPN to work with, allowing you to surf the Internet and use Internet-based software while remaining totally anonymous.

Why Choose IPinator?

  • Encrypts your Internet connection to keep away hackers & cyber criminals.
  • Works w/ Android, Windows, Mac & soon iOS!
  • Prevents others from seeing your true IP address.
  • Allows you to change your IP address frequently.
  • Bypasses firewalls, geo-restricted sites & blocked websites so you browse the Internet freely.
  • Includes a feature for sending anonymous emails with no personal info.
  • Resets your IP settings to normal once you close the app.

Get anonymost, buy IPinator VPN!