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Glitter Effect Photoshop TOOLKIT

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Glitter Effect Photoshop

Glitter Effect Photoshop. According to your numerous requests, we present the toolkit for getting very realistic glitter effects in your new cool designs. This is very suitable for wedding themes, glamorous style, greeting cards, promotional leaflets, etc.

You will get not only layer styles, there are many more delicacies there:

Action creating the edge of a layer covered with sparkles
Action that creates a scattering of glitters around an object
Actions that generate shine rays on the highlights
Brushes of sparkles, dust, shine.

The extended license is also included, which means that you can create logos on the basis of this toolkit, any design for resale, for graphic stocks, printshops, etc.

Full composition of the toolkit:

16 Color Hexagon Glitter Styles (Silver, Gold, Gold Apricot, Copper, Gold Red, Rose, Pink, Lilac, Purple, Deep Blue, Blue, Gentle Blue, Aqua, Emerald, Green, Green Gold)
16 Color Dust Glitter Styles (Silver, Gold, Gold Apricot, Copper, Gold Red, Rose, Pink, Lilac, Purple, Deep Blue, Blue, Gentle Blue, Aqua, Emerald, Green, Green Gold)
10 Auto-shine actions (ray forms: / + X – )
4 Particle & Placer Actions
6 Glitter Brusher (3 hexagon and 3 dust)
7 Shine Brushes
24 multicolor hexagon glitter styles
System requirements: Adobe Photoshop CS6, CC, Adobe Photoshop Elements 14+

Glitter Effect Photoshop Previews

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