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Dia De Los Muertos Clip Art 2021

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Dia De Los Muertos Clip Art

Dia De Los Muertos Clip Art. This set includes:
– 5 PNG – characters on a transparent background
– 5 PNG – characters on a watercolor background
– 5 PNG – flower compositions
– 13 APG – plant elements
– 7 PNG – clip-art elements
– 3 PNG – watercolor spots

This is perfect for scrapbooking, card making, wall decor, signs, stickers, decals, tshirts, tote bags & more!

PNG files – for printing and other software programs. These files can be used with your printer to create iron-on transfers, signs, invitations, etc.
Enjoy and have fun!

Dia De Los Muertos Clip Art Previews

Dia De Los Muertos Clip Art

Dia De Los Muertos Clip Art

Dia De Los Muertos Clip Art

Dia De Los Muertos Clip Art

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