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Bronze Marble Textures, Backgrounds – $4

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Bronze Marble Textures, Backgrounds. For background, scrapbooking, invites, card design, textile or any graphic projects. High quality 300 dpi 3600×3600 px 12”x12” ( 30.5cm” ) JPG files.


Bronze Marble Textures, Backgrounds

Bronze Marble Textures, Backgrounds

Bronze Marble Textures, Backgrounds

Who needs a Background?

Every single work of art, no matter if it is a web page design, painting or statue item has two or three aspects. Besides size, colors and shape it also comes with some qualities of the work surface that might be perceived visually. When looking at the picture we might state that it is smooth, matt, soft, coarse or hard. This concept of the surface that we can see with our vision is referred to as texture and is actually one of seven primary elements of virtually any art work.

So what a design pattern is?

The pattern is a visible composition you can see everywhere and every day. Actually your own residence is packed with patterns, for example, on the wallpapers that dress the wall space of your bedroom. The pattern is an element of the image which is predictably repeated on and on to produce a bigger, symmetrical and geometrical image. The patterns could be man-made (such as ceramic tiles or pagodas in Thailand) and natural (such as splits in the dried out ground and dunes).

Both the textures and patterns are widely used in artwork. Web designers love to use them given that textures and patterns certainly are a great background for a web page – they do not sidetrack the website visitor but highlight the actual content of your page. Besides that, textures and patterns are used for various other style and design reasons (such as, in interior design or construction). It is expensive to buy them individually, so frequently textures and patterns are bought in packages.

What’s a Design Bundle?

A bundle is a group of graphics or other design elements that can be purchased as a group. The very best thing about these item packs is their cost. A package will cost a lot less than each product if bought separately. In most cases, a pack will consist of everything you need to accomplish a web design project. These special offers are limited in time, so don’t miss the chance to purchase effective design resources and get a better price.

Why patterns and textures are very important?

In order to have a awesome and attractive layout that can win over the visitor – under no circumstances attempt to save on materials and tools. High-quality patterns and textures can make any design excel, for that reason stay clear of unprofessional works. Inadequate color choice or low-res photos might wreck the perception of your project. Some good textures and patterns will demonstrate the amount of attention you spend on the details and add you tons of extra points.

Suppose the package deal does not carry all the products I needed?

It might happen that not every package deal includes things you need and that is really common. Deals are packaged for various objectives and for a different style. However, MasterBundles.com site has dozens of deals for almost every objective, so in the case a certain product bundle doesn’t include all the products you want – you are welcome to check the other bundles. There’s so many of these, that it is almost certain you will find something appropriate.

Does MasterBundles provide any additional alternative deals?

All of the offers you come across on the Masterbundles website are made by skilled graphic designers and have gone through in-depth QC. The packages feature fonts, graphic web templates, templates for WP, infographic elements, illustrator tools, mockups, Facebook themes. You can also find stock images, illustrations, PPT templates and resumes, logos and backgrounds offers. There are sets with the price tag of lower than five dollars and holiday web templates bundles.

What’s MasterBundles?

Masterbundles is an online marketplace. On our resource, expert designers market their creations at the best prices. We provide you with the best deals out there, and our products are highly praised by customers. Go look at our blog, it truly is loaded with valuable articles for professional graphic designers. Also, for those who register for our newsletter, you will be the first to find out about our discounts. There will always be discount codes and promotional codes offered to chop the price to a bare minimum.

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