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Billboard Animated Mockups Bundle

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By: rebrandy
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This billboard animated mockups bundle features 11 static and 7 animated psds.

Static mockups include:

rectangular billboard, front view, day and night scenes;
rectangular billboard, side view, day and night scenes;
rectangular billboard, isometric view;
rectangular prisma board, front view;
square billboard, front view, day and night scenes;
square billboard, side view, day and night scenes;
square prisma board, front view.

Animated mockups include:
rectangular 2 side billboard rotation;
rectangular 3 side billboard rotation;
rectangular prisma board, cropped and full views;
square 2 side billboard rotation;
square prisma board, cropped and full views.

List of all items:

Use this real-life billboard mockups to showcase or advertise a new product or design. Customize the background by changing the color or placing any photo of a sidewalk at a busy street, highway, etc. Drag and drop an image of whatever it is you are looking to advertise onto the template of your choice and create impressive gif animations and/or videos to use in your online portfolio, social networks or presentations. Billboard mockups are a great way to attract your consumer’s attention and leave a lasting impression about your brand.

Watch a video about the animated billboard design creation process:

Watch the exported video:

Watch the exported gif animations:

Requirements: Adobe Photoshop (32/64bit): CS4, CS5, CS6, CC

Product includes:

7 animated psds with customizable design;
11 static psds, different views;
help files (video tutorials);

Animation types:
looped rotation for 2 and 3 sided billboards;
looped prisma board switch, cropped and full views;

Editable elements:
billboard stand;
billboard frame;
billboard pillar;
billboard canvas design;
background color/image;

Save animation as:
animated gif;
HD video mp4;
jpg, png sequence;
Important: Patterns and textures used in previews are not included in the product.