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70 Lovely Textures in High Resolution

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Bring a stylish touch to your work with our new textured bundle! This huge bundle with 70 high resolution textures for professional web design, games and mobile development will make your next projects shine!

Size: 5000x4000px

All textures come with an extended license, allowing you to use these items in an unlimited number of personal or commercial designs!

What is a texture?
A piece of art, regardless if it is a web design, drawing or statue item possesses two to three aspects. In addition to shapes, size and colors it additionally comes with some characteristics of the work surface that might be perceived visually. When examining the drawing you can point out that it’s matt, soft or smooth. You’ve now learned what a texture is.

Exactly what a pattern is?
The pattern can be described as visible composition you can observe everywhere you go and each and every day. Even your place is made up of patterns, for instance, on the wallpapers that decorate the wall surfaces of the living room. The pattern is a part of the image that is predictably repeated on to generate a large, geometrical and symmetrical picture. The patterns could be natural (like dunes in the sand and splits in the dried up soil) and man-made (like pagodas in Thailand or ceramic tiles).

Both textures and patterns happen to be commonly used in art works. Site designers like to utilize them due to the fact textures and patterns certainly are a perfect background for a web page – they don’t sidetrack the website visitor but underline the actual substance of your webpage. On top of that, patterns and textures can be used for alternative design functions (for example, in home decor or construction). It is too expensive to purchase them on an individual basis, so frequently patterns and textures are sold in packages.

What’s a Design Bundle?
The product bundle is really a kind of set or selection of design items. They are compiled into a “box” and are marketed collectively, as a single solution. Sometimes, there’s certain concept or objective that brings together the products in a bundle, but that is not necessary. The period, while the package deal is available, is very limited (as many as 5 days) and that’s the key reason why the price for it is below what those items would cost you if sold on their own. Deals are quite cost-effective and make it possible for designers to save a sufficient amount of bucks.

Why textures and patterns are very important?
Top quality patterns and textures will bring dynamics and individuality to your business oriented designs. Take a look at profitable web designs or brand identity materials, you will notice that they make use of the power of textures and patterns. To create a healthy and high-end feel for the product, designers will work with green or paper texture for the wrapping. A site with a modern technology-influenced pattern background will appear modern and top-notch. If you need your business oriented designs to make a certain impression, textures and patterns are your go-to options. Pick them with care and don’t give up quality for the price tag

What do you do if the design element you require is not in the bundle?
It might happen that not every design bundle carries items you want which is quite normal. Bundles are intended for diverse purposes . Nonetheless, MasterBundles site provides lots of deals for every occasion, so if a certain product bundle doesn’t include all the items you need – you can examine the others. There’s so many of them, that it is almost sure you’ll find something appropriate.

What other packages does MasterBundles.com distribute?
All the deals you come across on the MasterBundles.com are made by pro designers and have gone through in-depth QC. The kits come with typefaces, graphics, themes for WordPress, icons, PSD templates, , Instagram templates. There are also stock photos, illustrations, presentations and resumes, logos and indesign deals. There are special offers with the price tag of lower than 5 dollars and festive web themes deals.

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