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650 Newborn, Baby Lightroom Presets -$14

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By: Mr. Artur
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These one-click Newborn Lightroom Presets offer soft and clean color, creamy skin tones, and beautiful black & white conversions. This collection is extremely versatile, offering beautiful soft and clean edits for all of your natural light portrait photography. Perfect for weddings, seniors, child and family sessions!
All babies are different and it can be time consuming to achieve those creamy skin tones. This preset will help adjust your color balance while adding a soft and neutral creaminess to get those skin tones just right!

* Compatible with Lightroom 4-6 & CC Classic Versions
* Compatible with JPG and RAW Images
* Compatible with Mac & WIN PC

– 650 Newborn, Lightroom Presets
– file type – .lrtemplate

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