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60+ Rustic Clipart Design Elements πŸ”: Hand Drawn Rustic Vectors + Bonus

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Rustic Clipart

Introducing Alpine Adventure Vector Kit!

This pack contains 60+ hand drawn rustic elements inspired by the Alpine Wilderness. This design kit has everything, from pine trees to mountains, and rustic tents to canoes and maple leaves. I’ve also included 6 pre-made designs, 4 Bonus designs and a rustic brush style typeface!

What’s included in Rustic Clipart

  • 60+ Hand drawn rustic nature elements (Ai & EPS)
  • 10 Pre-made adventure badges (Ai & EPS)
  • 1 Rustic Brush Style Typeface (Roam TTF)

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If you have any questions about this pack, let me know! I’d be happy to help you out.

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