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2006 Overlays Photoshop Bundle

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Bundle includes 31 sets of Photo Overlays (More than 2000 Overlays). This is a premium set of high-quality overlay textures, with which you can add stunning effects to any photo.

Actions work with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Elements.

100 Stars Overlays

100 Stars Overlays

10 Spring Petals Overlays

10 Spring Petals

100 Soft Fire Overlays

115 Simple Bokeh Overlays

115 Simple Bokeh Overlays

10 SciFiFlares Overlays

10 SciFiFlares Overlays

99 Rougness Overlays

 Rougness Overlays

46 RGB Overlays

RGB Overlays

20 Qubic Overlays

30 PIXEL Overlays

11 Pastel Walls Overlays

10 Pastel Grunge Overlays

39 Light Strokes Overlays

Impressionism Overlays

HeartBokeh Overlays

Golden Light Bokeh Overlays

Glitched Photos Overlays


/Galaxy Neon Overlays

Frosted Glass Overlays

FlyingHearts Overlays



Error 404 Overlays

Colored Pixie Dust Overlays

Bokeh Overlays

Blue SciFi Softness Overlays

Windy Pastels Overlays

Watercolor Overlays

TriangleBokeh Overlays

Tecnologic Overlays

System Failure Overlays